Together pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl With it out for almost two weeks now, most fans who picked up the remake have completed it and left after the game. Some players have started EV training their Pokemon while others have started hunting Shiny or are in the process of completing National Dex.

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Unfortunately, however, a fan that has logged more than 120 hours pokemon shining pearl Haven’t received their starter pokemon yet. This is not due to a problem with the game, but to the player’s determination in trying to start the game with a shiny starter Pokemon.


A user named SnatchesODerp on Reddit took a screenshot of his friend list. There, it can be seen that one of the user’s friends has received more than 120 hours pokemon shining pearl, According to SnatchesODerp, the dude hasn’t acquired the starter pokemon yet because they’re trying to acquire Shiny Chimchar. Essentially, when the user picks up a Chimchar and throws it into battle, if it’s not Shiny, they restart their game and try again.

My friend has been hunting a shiny chimichurt since it was released. He still hasn’t got one… From

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Thankfully, players can save at a certain point so they don’t have to start over. pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl completely over. There is a point where users are able to save before the cinematic with Barry takes place. If the luminous starter has not yet been received they may restart from this point. With 120 hours, it appears that the user has been quite unlucky with his efforts.

Although some players go through this dazzling hunting method, as stated in the Reddit thread, there are easier methods the player can use. With a record 120 hours, many have asked why the player didn’t try to get a shiny starter later in the game. hatching pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Or using the Masuda method all have proven high rates of producing a shiny Pokémon.

It’s possible that the player is well versed in other Shiny hunting methods, but just wants to start the game with a Shiny Pokémon. Still, with 120 hours and supposedly only 1000 resets, it’ll take a while for a user to get their hands on the shiny chimpanzer. Chances are it doesn’t matter to most players. Shiny Pokemon is progressively gaining popularity and although difficult to acquire, some fans remain persistent and even create an entire team of just Shiny Pokemon.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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