Although they are very faithful remakes of the original Nintendo DS games, fans have been searching through pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl For any minor changes to the original Gen 4 titles. One fan took part in a major change that their opponent had chosen the same starter as they had, before thinking they had run into a bizarre mess.

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Posted on the sub-reddit r/Pokémon, Reddit user u/bluewater claimed that he chose Pipplup as his starter to use Primplup instead of Grotl for his second fight in the city of Hartholm. to compete with the opponent. While it is not unheard of for one pokemon The way the player’s opponent chooses his starter, to change the game things pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Classic formulas are not one to mess with.


What makes the situation even more awkward is that according to u/Nilewater in the comments of the original post, his opponent had chosen Turtwig as his starter for the first fight at the start of the game. This makes it clear that the poster went into a strange mess, switching their opponent’s starter, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward.

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Depending on how they were playing the game, a surprise princeplup when the player was expecting a grottle could be quite problematic, especially if they were playing using a Nuzlock rule. The original poster didn’t specify that they were, however, with many fans jumping into the game with several different play styles, meaning that surprise encounters with the wrong Pokémon could be disastrous if they didn’t know the bug. What is the reason.

One commenter noted that he had a similar experience with two different save files because his opponent had the wrong Pokémon for the second fight, despite downloading the first day’s update with some bugs about the opponent and his team. was to be removed. Whatever the cause of the problem, it doesn’t seem like it’s completely normal, but pokemon Fans should still keep an eye on it, because according to the post and its comments, it’s not a simple one-time mess.

Fans have suffered another glitch pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearlHowever, it is more useful than the rotating cast of the opponent’s team. This glitch causes pokemon and item duplication and is pretty easy to do, but anyone who wants to use it should act fast because it’s the kind of thing that wears out quickly pokemon This can be exploited in the competitive scene in the form of titles.

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