who. play the original version of pokemon diamond And Pearl One may recall a special incident that occurred on January 12, 2008, in which a “diamond dust” sparkle effect appeared when visiting Snowpoint City. who are playing brilliant diamond And shining pearl The remake has seen today that this particular event is repeated, with the same spectacular meeting that travels to Snowpoint City.

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Unique time-activated Easter egg was included for the veteran’s 40th birthday pokemon Musician, programmer and director, Junichi Masuda. Nintendo Legend has been responsible for overseeing several mainline entries in the series, including the creation and approval of new Pokémon characters. Although brilliant diamond And shining pearl Different from the original games, this Perpetual Snowpoint City Easter Egg is a welcome return to Junichi Masuda’s 54th birthday in 2022.


To see the Diamond Dust effect, players don’t have to defeat Candice at Snowpoint City Gym Diamond And Pearl, they just need to travel to the snowy area located at the very north on the map. Snowpoint City is the seventh gym, however, so it may take some time for players to reach this point if they’ve only recently started playing a remake. Once players reach the area, they will be immediately greeted with special, spectacular effects. It will run until 11:59 p.m. on January 12 in Masuda’s honor, and then stop when the player reaches the local time zone on January 13.

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January 12 not only holds this Snowpoint City Easter Egg, but it also features a +10 encounter rate and a low egg hatch speed. Increased encounter rate occurs quite regularly brilliant diamond And shining pearl remake, but the low hatch speed is a rare occurrence that players should aim to take advantage of while enjoying the diamond dust. It is worth noting that special effects for Masuda’s birthday, increased encounter rate and reduced hatch speed will happen on January 12 of every year, not just in 2022.

pokemon Fans are showing their love on Twitter for the diamond dust in Snowpoint City and for Junichi Masuda himself. Masuda has responded to this positivity by retweeting fans exploring the effect, fan art, and writing his own Twitter message thanking everyone for the birthday wishes, adding that he is “so overjoyed!” .

Easter Eggs for Masuda are a fun way to celebrate his legacy, while giving players Diamond And Pearl The remake remakes a unique way to explore Snowpoint City today and into the future – just as it was for players of the original games fourteen years ago.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Out now for Nintendo Switch.

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