Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl can’t please two audiences at once

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pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, the long awaited remake of Diamond And Pearl, Came out last week and… was fine. Our reviews mentioned that they are serviceable and accessible, but stay close to the established Pokémon formula.

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By the time the review was finished, the games had been mercilessly shunned by their adult fan base, with widespread leaks and criticism over how good the games could have been. Some fans always shared experiences and complained about potential postgame problems, but I can almost guarantee not a single kid was found. brilliant diamond Or shining pearl Was thinking about them on launch day.

In form of pokemon The franchise has matured, it has developed a huge segment of the audience. On one side are the children, towards whom the series has always been aimed. Pokémon games are bright, colorful, family-friendly romps through fantasy worlds where kids can tame their own monsters and become the best that no one ever was. On the other hand there are adult fans who started playing as a child and have grown up with the franchise. As they got older and played a variety of games, these fans’ hopes for Pokémon waned, but the series didn’t always mature with them.


Modern main-series Pokémon games are trying to attract both of these audiences, but it’s impossible to please everyone all at once: They want fundamentally different things, and that’s causing a rift in the Pokémon fandom.

childhood wonder

pokemon There will always be a fan base of kids, especially since people who grew up with the series themselves are now introducing it to their kids. Its status as one of the largest and most recognizable franchises in the world means it is one of the safest bets for new game and media entries. I have no doubt that Pokemon will continue beyond our lifetimes.

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Due to its strong audience, it is not necessary to take risks for new games in the franchise. This applies even more to remakes, which aim to be a refresh of an old game rather than a new experience. The Pokémon Company knew it could play things extremely safely brilliant diamond And shining pearl Because kids just won’t know the difference. Many of the young fans who are playing the remake today might not have been born when Diamond And Pearl Came in 2006. (Boy, am I getting old.)

The player fights two members of Team Galactic.

what do kids want from them pokemon The experience is exactly what today’s adult fans wanted when they were kids: colorful monsters, fun battles that aren’t too hard, and a real sense of exploration and discovery. Later Pokémon games have clashed with the latter, which is part of the reason why older games feel so special, especially for kids who are experiencing them for the first time. Unlike adult fans, who may enjoy spending endless hours playing other RPGs, kids don’t like to stop their adventure to pass certain levels or face the same boss over and over again, only on SmackDown every time. to do.

Modern pokemon The games are friendly, accessible and well-organized, making it easy for kids to get ahead and giving them endless resources if they struggle. These features are designed to reduce frustration – which, ironically, they are causing in adults.

adult logic

Adults are a slightly more difficult target audience to target. Older Pokémon fans are famously opinionated and critical, simply because they love the series and they know what it can be at its best. Although there are exceptions, overall, dedicated adult fans want more difficult gameplay out of their experience. They want to challenge, strategize, and build a team that really Is very best. In the eyes of these players, one of the most serious issues brilliant diamond And shining pearl It’s that they don’t allow players to turn off the EXP share, making the game very short. The games are almost too easy, allowing anyone to wind through them very quickly before playing Pokémon.

Trainers gather in the union room to trade and fight.

Adult fans also want an immersive gameplay experience, a stronger postgame, and more fleshed-out communication options. All these features promote competition and strategy. Longer gameplay means a wider variety of trainers to face, an improved postgame means what are commonly referred to as each game’s toughest challenges, and more options for communication allowing players to interact with other real people. which are always infinitely better than the game’s AI. (That’s why self-imposed challenges like Nuzlock Run are very popular). Players of this age are often familiar with the voice chat and text chat capabilities of other consoles and platforms, which, in the name of kid-friendly, are missing from most Nintendo titles and are often considered a fundamental ally, at a disadvantage. feel. Play.

dual pikachus

It’s incredibly difficult to bridge the gap between what kids and adults want from Pokémon. Basically, kids want Pokemon games. adults want a pokemon World, One that places some restrictions on which Pokémon they can catch and what areas they can explore, and one that lives up to the wonder and magic they experienced from the series when they themselves were young. Nintendo is clearly listening to fan feedback and putting the suggestions into practice, but if it tries to make games that try to please both parties, it won’t please anyone.

The player character stands next to a driftloon at the Wally Windworks.

There are fascinating aspects to both groups: Kids are going to buy Pokemon games no matter what. If the Pokemon game proves to be too tough and strategic for their age group, they’ll just put it down and move on to something else that doesn’t matter business-wise – their parents’ money is already spent. Already happened. They’re not as naughty as adults, and they can’t yell at a company on Twitter if they don’t get what they want. If kids don’t enjoy the games, however, it’s less likely that they’ll buy trading cards, and watch anime, and ask for action figures for Christmas, and participate in the franchise as a whole. Nintendo and Game Freak know they have to cater to this audience.

Many hardcore adult fans will also continue to buy the game, no matter what. Older fans have more disposable income for merchandise and can receive more “investment” in the chain, potentially spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on exclusive merchandise and high-level collaborations. In the past, developers have been less inclined to please this audience, but if they continue down that path, the potential for serious discontent and fractures within the community remains.

Pokemon count is coming. As obnoxious as some adult Pokémon fans are, they have a point: When’s the time to put your feet down and demand that Nintendo and Game Freak incorporate their desired features into the game? This demand doesn’t mean there won’t be any Pokémon games for kids anymore. until we reach Black And White The remake, probably Game Freak (or ILCA, who developed the latest remakes), will include a difficulty slider that allows players to choose how hard they want their experience to be. Perhaps Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokémon will mark a junction on the track, where future “open-world” Pokémon titles are aimed at adult fans who want a world out of their game, rather than just a path.

What the future holds for Pikachu and friends is not known, but one thing is certain: the way it stands now, pokemon Will not please all his fans at once.

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