It’s a big year for the Pokémon series, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Already, fans have seen a lot of events on the Internet, various games like Pokemon Go, as well as the incredibly popular card game in which special sets have been revealed that sell like hot cakes. As part of the festivities this year, The Pokemon Company also revealed two new games fans can look forward to, including the unique-looking core game Pokemon Legends: Arceus,

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While Arceus isn’t launching until January 2022, as part of its 25th anniversary celebrations, Nintendo is taking fans back to Sinnoh territory with a remake pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl, While the games themselves are celebrating their 15th anniversary, these new titles feature a whole new visual style, while maintaining things fans remember from Nintendo DS releases like the story and core gameplay loop.


Thus, experienced players should probably remember the big story beats and hidden secrets that new players do. pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl may disappear. One such place is Iron Island, which is a completely optional location but one that players will want to investigate thoroughly. Here’s how to find the tiny island and what its secrets are.

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canalew city pokemon boat

How to travel to Iron Island

Off the west coast of the Sinnoh region, Iron Island is a small, ore-rich area that players can visit after reaching Canalew City. While players will naturally arrive at Canalew City to pick up gym leader Byron, they don’t really need to wait until then.

Access to Canalway City can be gained as soon as the HM version of Surf is unlocked. To use Surf outside of combat, players must take down Fantina at Hearthstone City Gym. At this point, travel to Jubilee City and walk all the way to the left of town and use the surf to continue heading west.

Once in Canalew City, players must head to the southeast part of the city to find a sailor standing on a wooden dock near a boat. Talk to the navigator to get a prompt if they want to visit Iron Island and selecting Yes will get them there.

pokemon diamond pearl relay

What is found on Iron Island?

The island itself is quite small and simple compared to some of the other locations within the game. The island’s defining feature is the large cavern with not only all kinds of Pokémon to catch, but Team Galactic ready to fight as well. Players can come across TMs like Iron Tail, as well as useful items like Full Restore, Ultra Balls, and more.

Exploring the cave system will eventually lead to a friendly NPC known as Riley, who teams up with the player to help them overcome the Galactic Infection. Not only does Riley heal the player’s party after each fight, but normal Pokémon battles become double battles and multiples.

Once the faction is cleared, Riley will give the player an egg, which will eventually turn into a riolu. It’s worth noting that players will want to make sure they have an open roster slot, as the eggs will need to fit into the active team. If there is no room, players will have to go back to Canale City to make a deposit and then go back to the relay which will still be waiting. This is the only way to find a Riolu inside pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl And considering how valuable Lucario can be against the Elite Four, this detour is definitely worth a look.

pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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