since the famous example of Twitch are playing pokemon red, programmers have found ways to replicate and extend the social experiment it has created. Recently, a creative programmer thought of a new way to play pokemon Through a completely new and unique medium.

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that programmer is a twitter The user known as @screenshakes who found a way to program his Twitter avatar to play pokemon crystal, pokemon crystal Feather Twitter works similar to pokemon On Twitch: Twitter users can comment on the movements and actions below the tweet that the character inside the avatar will follow, allowing users to progress through the game with their combined efforts.


like a twitch are playing pokemon redMILF playing pokemon Feather Twitter Uses a democratic voting system to decide what action the character will take next. The voting system is on a timer of 15 seconds, an agitation is being done after the votes are counted. A scripting program at the end of the letter takes the user’s comments and turns them into commands, which are then used to create an image of the character’s movement in the game.

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This image then replaces the litard Twitter Avatar, showing a movement or action occurring. After 15 seconds and these actions take place, the next round of voting begins. Only the first word of a comment counts as a vote; It serves a two-pronged purpose of suppressing spammers and also allows users to comment with their actions.

Littard has actually accomplished this feat, having previously programmed his avatar to play. pokemon red like that. that amazing pokemon Feather Twitter The playthrough was attended by over 90,000 users and miraculously ended with the Elite 4 losing 40 days after posting. Littard also found new ways to optimize the experience: Twitter The game is played through, changing pokemon crystal so that the game automatically saves with each round of voting and posting captured Pokémon users to the litard Twitter Banner. For now, the banner still shows the final roster of Pokémon. Twitter to beat pokemon red with, but that will change very soon as Littard updates its banner with the new pokemon crystal roster.

Fans of the Distracted Series pokemon There may also be hope for the future in the formula, as Littard also tweeted about using his avatar. super mario land, a feat that seems completely impossible at first. After all the reason is that Twitch and pokemon that worked so well pokemon Does not require quick action or reflexes; super mario land Both are required.

However, using Twitter as a medium gives Lytard an advantage over Twitch: since the avatar is a static frame and the input changes only one frame at a time, it is potentially possible to game super mario land To be played simultaneously.

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