NS pokemon The franchise has drawn a lot of inspiration from reality over the years, and more recently various aspects of real life have taken inspiration as well. pokemon, However, some of the similarities between the game franchise and reality seem to be hilarious coincidences. One pokemon Fan recently noticed a similarity between the head of Pokémon Suicune and a province in Canada.

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Suicoon, better known as Aurora Pokemon, Gen 2. is a Legendary Pokémon introduced in pokemon Sporting it resembles a large dog with fuzzy fur, a long mane, a ribbon-like tail and a distinctive bony crest on its head. Suicune’s iconic silhouette was featured prominently pokemon crystal, the game for which Suicoon was the mascot.


Redditor 1mpish420 shared an image that combines screenshots taken from a map of Canada and part of Suicune’s official character art. The map shows a zoomed-in image of the island of Newfoundland, which provides 29% land coverage to the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Looking at the two images side by side, it’s easy to see the resemblance between them – the island also shows Suikyun’s massive crest and part of the creature’s flowing mane.

Interesting province in Canada “Suicoon Island” OC From

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Although the comparison is striking, it should be noted that this applies only to the island itself – it bears no particular resemblance to the rest of the province of Suicyun. Despite this, it is an interesting coincidence that an island resembles the head of a Suicoon, a water-type Pokémon often depicted walking on land. The Suicune appears to have been designed to travel on land rather than by swimming, and there is an iconic image of the Suicune. pokemon The anime is about a creature walking delicately over large bodies of water.

It appears that other fans agree that the island of Newfoundland bears an uncanny resemblance to Suicune. One user pointed out that the two main routes from the island, except for the flight, are located at points that are the same pokemonCrystals and mouths on the map. A second user noted that while the region inland doesn’t look like a Labrador Suicune, its name certainly evokes a dog-like imagery. Several users questioned whether the image or Canada itself was real, while other users claiming to be from Newfoundland shared other fun facts about their home province. Newfoundland and Labrador make up the smallest and easternmost province in Canada, although Nunavut is the smallest by area.

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