People who owned a Game Boy in their childhood probably started an adventure or two in Pallet Town. It’s arguably one of the most iconic places in the handheld game ever, and now has a fan pokemon has paid tribute to the fictional city by recreating it in 2.5D style. This fresh approach is bound to trigger nostalgia for fans pokemon Chain.

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pokemon The Game Boy was first released in the Japanese market in 1996, developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. was introduced to the rest of the world pokemon Red And Blue in 1998. Few gamers will need an introduction to the monster fighting adventure game that has been a part of many childhood games over the decades, giving rise to a cartoon series, Trading Cards, and becoming the huge franchise it is today.


Last year, pokemon celebrated its 25th anniversary, but it all started in the Kanto region pokemon Red And Blue, where players begin their adventure in Palette Town. The small town consisted of three buildings: the player’s house, their opponent’s house, and Professor Oak’s laboratory. It was later that we were introduced pokemon For the first time ever, and where the players’ first fight took place.

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One pokemon Fans have given Palette Town an update with a 2.5D-style homage to the iconic city with character movement, animations, and working cues. Reddit user StarborgDev posted his creation to the /r/pokemon community, which featured a video featuring Pallet Town. It contains sprite assets from the 2004 Game Boy Advance remake, pokemon firered And leaf green,

Some assets are projected onto 3D planes in a flat style reminiscent of paper mario, Other properties, such as buildings, have a 3D look to them as follows pokemon diamond And Pearl For Nintendo DS. The blend of 3D and 2D elements retains the attractive, pixelated style of GBA graphics, but adds extra depth to the world. It’s like watching the remastered version of pokemon For the Nintendo Switch, Game Freak should do a retro-sensitive restoration of the game anytime.

Reddit users applauded the project, praised the engaging experience, and compared it to pokemon black And White, which also uses 2D sprites in a 3D world. others suggested that pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl This art style should have been used.

This isn’t the first time Pallet Town has been given a third dimension. In December, a pokemon The fan recreated the city using graphics from the original 1996 release. Earlier in 2021, Mark Diaz of id Software also teased the 3D remake of Pokémon made in Unity. StarborgDev didn’t reveal how they rebuilt Palette Town, but they are working on other projects using the Godot Engine, an opensource 2D and 3D game engine. It is not clear whether this is just a concept or the beginning of a full-blown pokemon clone, but it would be fun to see a full 3D restoration of the Kanto region, the place that started it all.

pokemon red and blue Available for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

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