mischief is going on and pokemon go Players already have the chance to jump into some exciting events and exclusive research opportunities in early September. As the month continues, it’s time to start looking forward to upcoming events like Fashion Week 2021, which will continue the hype for the rest of September.

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The mobile AR game has featured a Fashion Week event for the past few years, but its features may seem a little more exciting than usual this time around. Not only this pokemon go is offering new avatar items and new trendy outfits for select Pokémon, but the game is also going to debut a new Pokémon during the event.


The original explanation and teaser for this year’s Fashion Week event pointed to the fact that a new Pokedex entry would be available during the event, but the hint was a bit vague as to accurately predict who it would be. . Now, the original teaser for “Drunken and Fashionable Dude” has a teaser image to go along with it, which helps narrow down the options a bit.

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Although Niantic still hasn’t officially confirmed which Pokémon will debut in plain text, the silhouette image certainly matches that of Furfro. This Gen 6 Normal-Type Pokemon Hasn’t Been Revealed pogo Yet and certainly appears to coincide with the teaser.

This year’s Fashion Week event will run from September 21 to September 28 and promises that “the stylishly dressed Pokémon will make their debut with a fluffy and trendy dude! These trendy Pokémon, new avatar items, and more during Fashion Week” Pack your stuff with you.”

It’s possible that the event could include other debuts, but so far the information points to an entirely new debut and then some new fashion debuts that include new outfits and avatar items. Even if that’s the case, a new Pokedex in the mobile AR game is still an exciting phenomenon and should help generate a little extra hype about the Fashion Week event and related activities.

The exact spawns, outfits, bonuses and items for the event should be confirmed closer to a September 21 start date, so fans will definitely want to check back to get those details and find out if there are any specials for a limited time. Tasks or rewards are available. event window.

Be sure to check back soon for more pokemon go Strategy guide, news and updates. Until then, good luck instructables!

pokemon go Now available on mobile devices.

pokemon go october 2021 community day pokemon is duskul

The October edition of Pokémon Go’s monthly Community Day event is set to feature a scary Ghost Pokémon from the Hoen area, Daskal.

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