Pokemon Go players voice concerns over the potential addition of Google ads

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Pokemon Go may feature Google Ads, and players aren’t happy.

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Earlier this week, Pokémon Go datamining group Pokeminers (via) nintendolife) found that the new 0.227.0 update for Niantic’s games included placeholder information for Google ads. As you can see for yourself in the information below, the datamining group reveals that Google ads can take up anywhere from a small banner space to half the screen for players.

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Taking a look at the responses to the original tweet from the Pokémon Go datamining group, the responses to Google Ads haven’t been great. For example, one player writes that “ads pop up when I’m playing I QUIT,” while another writes that although they praised Niantic’s monetization methods in the past, they “really into it.” Will be disappointed.”


It’s not hard to see why Pokémon Go players would be incredibly disappointed at the prospect of ads in the game. When you’re trying to play a game, the idea of ​​having ads occupy half the screen is a bit off-putting, and as a lot of players rightly point out in their responses to the tweet above, that’s not what Niantic earns. Struggling for money from Pokemon Go.

Still, it’s worth bearing in mind that Google ads aren’t guaranteed to arrive in Pokémon Go anytime soon, if at all. The evidence uncovered by the Pokémon Go datamining group is simply placeholder images, so it’s entirely possible that Niantic could scrap the idea, or replace it entirely between now and launch.

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