pokemon The anime has been airing for decades now, with protagonist Ash Ketchum having a variety of companions in his adventures. in the early episodes of pokemon In the anime series, Ash was paired with Misty and Brock, the latter of whom joined Ash after being the best at Jim’s fight. In form of pokemon The anime series continues, various companions have come and gone, but Brock remains a fan favorite.

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Brock is mentioned in the latest iteration of pokemon anime, pokemon journey, but has not yet formed a full blown presence. It looks like that will change with an upcoming four-part episode based on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which will air on Amazon Prime in Japan later this month and coincide with the launch of the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive game. It’s hard to say exactly what Brock will be doing in the anime special, but he can stand alongside the likes of Don, Ash, and Goh in an image shared by a fan.


It is not clear when exactly pokemon journey The anime special will air outside Japan. as it stands, pokemon master journey is airing on Netflix in the US, and it lags far behind the Japanese version of the show. fans of pokemon The anime will have to stay tuned for more details on that front, but don’t expect them to see new episodes in time. Pokemon Legends: Arceus To launch on Switch.

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This isn’t the first time Brock has returned pokemon anime series. Brock leaves Ash and Misty during the Orange Islands story, but later returns with his friends to explore the Zoho region. he will then continue the search pokemon World with Ash during the season of the show based on ruby and sapphire And diamond and pearl Games, though Misty did not return for those episodes.

Brock eventually left his friends to become Pokémon Doctor again, but has since made sporadic appearances, showing up throughout the season. pokemon based on anime pokemon black and white As well as pokemon sun and moon,

return of brock pokemon The anime series won’t be permanent, but it will be interesting to see what it actually does in a four-part special after it airs in Japan later this month. In the meantime, pokemon Fans can eagerly wait for its launch Pokemon Legends: Arceus Coming to Nintendo Switch on Friday, January 28.

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