Pokémon Legends: Arceus helps me overcome my productivity obsession

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Not now time to talk about searching to be more productive – and yet here we are. Amid high levels of stress, worsening work-life boundaries, and a terrible news cycle, listening to this internal monologue about what you could or must do at any time. hard on mental health. But still, I want to talk about it because I Badly when relaxing. And there may be a way to reduce the performance pull: Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

I firmly believe that I cannot change my feelings towards things. (I am confused by my dependence on Merge Mansionalthough I know that should not That’s exactly how I feel.) My obsession with productivity, hacks, pushing myself to do more than I can physically do at any given moment is a by-product of the way my brain works, my upbringing, and a whole host of social factors that take a whole different story. to unpack. It’s a poisonous cocktail, but what I’ve taken I have no control over. My brain wants to be productive all the time. The trick is not to give up. Downtime does me good and I need to stick with it even when it’s not fun – the long-term benefits are too necessary.

That’s definitely where types video games are coming. Games are perfect for decompression because they keep my hands busy, forcing my brain to check out the digital, always-on, always-connected world. Collection-style names, in particular, keep me from wanting to do something by tricking my productivity-focused mind into thinking I’m doing something, even if it’s just for fun.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus perfect for this. I’ve been tempted by many Pokemon games before, but this is the first one I actually bought and played. Many people I trust have told me that this is the perfect option for newcomers to the franchise, and they were right. I love open-world structured or quest-based games because they give players the freedom to do what they want without overwhelming them (too many options are bad for my brain too). Arceus not exactly an open world, but it’s close.

The plot is as follows: You, as the main character, enter a mysterious world through a portal, not remembering who you are. However, you have a penchant for catching Pokémon, the mysterious creatures that inhabit this world. You have been hired to become an inspector tasked with cataloging the creatures in your Pokedex. There are missions and a story, as well as the mystery of your own origin, but you are in complete control of what you explore and advance in. You don’t need to focus on the story unless you feel like you’ve exhausted one area and want to unlock the next one.

This is where the performance issue comes in: I wasted so much time just completing the Pokedex instead of actually progressing through the game. For each type of Pokémon, you can do different things, such as collecting a certain number of them with stealth, or defeating them with a specific element-based move. When you make your way through the Pokedex, it’s really like checking a to-do list. And if you’re a person who writes down things after you’ve done them, just to be able to mark them (I see you!), then you’ll understand the satisfaction.

When I’m having a very stressful day and I realize I need to seriously unwind, Pokémon Legends: Arceus this is where I turn. It makes rest productive, calms my mind even when I am very stressed. It may seem strange to trick your brain into thinking that relaxation is work. But when you’re great at working hard and blowing off steam terribly, you’re doing what you have to do, when and where you can.

And now I can finally check “unpack” on this endless to-do list.

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