Pokemon Legends: Arceus The release date is almost here, and so Nintendo is ramping up its marketing push for the game. Nintendo has released some extended Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gameplay videos to give fans an overview of what to expect from the final product, and it’s within some of this new gameplay footage that an interesting variation has been discovered.

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in something new Pokemon Legends: Arceus In gameplay footage, fans can see a fight between the noble Pokémon Cleaver, a newly evolved form of Skither, and Sidekick. During the fight, Cleaver hits Syduck with a move called Stealth Rock, and appears to deal direct damage, eroding Syduck’s health bar in the process. stealth rock is a move that’s been in pokemon The franchise has been around for years, but has very different functionality Pokemon Legends: Arceus,


As pokemon Fans have pointed out, Stealth Rock In Pokemon Legends: Arceus Deals direct damage, while this move treats all others completely differently pokemon Usually, when players use Stealth Rock, it doesn’t do any direct damage to Pokémon currently on the field. When new Pokemon are introduced into battle, it does damage, however, such as if a Pokemon trainer takes out their monster or is forced to play a new creature because they fainted. .

What does Stealth Rock do now? From

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It’s not clear exactly why Nintendo and Game Freak decided to make this change to Stealth Rock Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and it is possible that fans may not get a straight answer about it. It seems odd that Game Freak didn’t equip Cleaver with a different Rock-type move that’s already set up to deal direct damage instead of changing the way Stealth Rock works, hence the reason behind the decision. It would be interesting to learn logic.

when Pokemon Legends: Arceus With the release date approaching the end of the month, fans will be able to dive into the full game and discover other changes. It’s possible that some other Pokémon attacks have been changed. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, although it is possible that Stealth Rock is the only move that was changed. Fans won’t know for sure until they’re able to play the game for themselves, and luckily the wait is almost over.

even though Pokemon Legends: Arceus While not a true open world game like many fans previously expected, there is still a lot of hype behind it, if for no other reason than it is serving as a significant departure from the previous main series. pokemon Sports fans will soon know if it lives up to the hype.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Launches January 28 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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