Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer shows new ways to catch ’em all

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With Pokemon Legends: Arceus Set to release on January 28, Nintendo has decided to drop a lot of information on the game. In 13 minute video posted to YouTubeAlmost every aspect of the game is covered, from the legendary Pokémon that have been revealed before, to how players will be able to catch the Pokémon themselves.

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Like any other Pokémon game, players will be able to capture wild creatures by weakening them in a fight and throwing Pokéballs at them. However, the game’s open design will also let trainers adopt some clever approaches that avoid engaging in a fight altogether.

To sneak up on a Pokémon, players can throw a Pokéball at it and surprise it, increasing the chance of catching the Pokémon at once. Likewise, players can distract Pokémon if they know their eating habits. By throwing berries that favor a specific Pokémon, players can lower their guard even further, opening them up for a surprise attack.


These New Strategies Will Let Players Preserve Their Pokéballs, Which Could Be More Important Pokemon Legends: Arceus, In the game, the equipment needed for any Pokémon master must either be crafted or purchased with resources scattered throughout the Hisui area. Without trainers to battle, however, players will only be able to gain money from capturing Pokémon and reporting back to Survey Corps.

Similarly, today’s trailer outlines Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ progress, which appears to be much less linear than previous entries in the franchise. Instead of assigning players to defeat Pokémon gym leaders, they must complete Survey Corps missions to advance the game’s story. Taking a mission – or a request given by a resident of Jubilife Village – will add it to the player’s Ark phone, which appears to act as if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildShekha Slate.

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