Debuting in late January, Pokemon Legends: Arceus Traditional . represents departure from pokemon Entertain the gameplay and adventures in a large open world. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Sinnoh takes place in the region’s distant past, which has appeared in recent Nintendo Switch titles pokemon brilliant diamond And pokemon shining pearl, Two remakes of earlier games. Trailer and teaser for now fables The previous series have uncovered new twists on mechanics, such as the way trainers and their Pokémon move around the world.

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Set in the Hisui region – aka Sinoh region – before its name change Pokemon Legends: Arceus Tells the story of a Pokémon Trainer who helps him explore this wild, uncharted land and lists the many types of Pokémon that call it his home. Recent trailers also indicate that the player will be responsible for working and possibly healing the split between two different groups of trainers, the Diamond and Pearl clans living in the Hisui region and as guardians of its Pokémon. Will work.


A recent tweet from Nintendo of America showed off the ability to ride on Pokémon while traveling across the large open world. The short 15-second video clip shows the three travel methods. One instructor is shown taking to the skies on a glider held by the Hissuian Breviary, another effortlessly jumping down a waterfall and crossing a lake above the Basculagion, and the third galloping through the woods while riding the Viardier. runs up. All three are Hissui versions or evolutions of existing Pokémon, and all will appear at first. Legends: Arsius.

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Traveling around the world with Pokémon is a feature that has appeared in many of the previous series’ titles. recently released brilliant diamond And shining pearl, Trainers could choose any Pokemon in their party to follow, although the follow animations of many Pokemon were criticized by fans for looking awkward or boring. Riding Pokémon also appeared in earlier titles such as pokemon sun And pokemon moon, Where the use of special moves allowed players to mount Mudsdale, Stoutland, Lapras and many others.

While some fans are excited about the number of ways the trainer might locate Hisui, others have expressed dismay or bewilderment, feeling that Nintendo is showing the same clips over and over again instead of revealing any new footage. . In particular, footage of players riding the Wiredier and Basculagion was shown over a long period of time. Pokemon Legends: Arceus The gameplay trailer that debuted earlier in January. The clip of Hisui riding Pokémon, posted on Jan. 12, actually didn’t contain any previously unseen footage. Legends: Arseus Surely.

only a few weeks left Legends: Arseus releases, it’s unclear whether Nintendo will share any new footage or continue to reuse the clips on Twitter as it is currently doing. Fans are especially looking forward to seeing confirmation of the rumor that Cindaquil, Oshavote, and Rowlatt, who debuted the game, will have their own Hisouian forms.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Will release on January 28, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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