pokemon unite Added a new type of gameplay to pokemon franchise by taking the series’ adorable monster designs and pitting them against each other in a team game. The franchise’s diverse cast lends itself to multiple roles and a wide variety of creative abilities. Now, pokemon unite Getting ready to bring the lovable creepy Pokémon Trevenant as a new addition to the game’s roster.

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Trevenant is a dual-type Grass/Ghost Pokémon that resembles a walking tree – if there was even a tree in question. It evolves from Phantom, an intelligent black Pokémon with a tree stump. According to the Pokédex, the Phantom is created from the souls of children who have been lost in the woods.


The arrival of Trevenant was announced pokemon uniteVerified Twitter account, featuring a 30 second long character spotlight video of Trevenant. According to the clip, Trevenant will arrive as a pokemon uniteThe protector of The video shows several moves of the new arrival, many of which seem to involve surprising an opponent. Trevenant’s scoring animation is also featured, showing the Pokémon vibrating with tension as the field of Aeos energy approaches the target.

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While the Trevenant Gen 6 might not be the game’s most popular ghost-type, its sleek design and solid potential moves fit in with it. pokemon uniteThe game is already famous for bringing strange or unpopular Pokémon with famous people and turning them all into stars. Details on Travenant’s specific abilities haven’t been released yet, but in the mainline game, it can learn a variety of ghost, wasp and normal-type attacks. The Trevenant can also learn a fire-type attack, the Will-o-Whisp, a non-damaging move that stuns enemies with the effect of a burn condition. However, this move does not affect Fire-type Pokémon.

At the time of writing, it appears that fans of pokemon unite Temporarily excited to see Trevenant in action. Several users responded to the post with a celebratory request, previously requesting Travenant to be included in the game. One user even went so far as to say that Trevenant was his favorite Grass-type Pokémon. However, others said it wasn’t what they wanted from the game or meant they weren’t expecting great things from the Grass/Ghost-type. Another user alleged pokemon unite Having a preference for Grass-type Pokémon, especially since there’s only one Steel-type in the game so far.

pokemon unite Now available on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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