NS Duty Franchisees are taking a big step soon with regards to anti-fraud efforts. RichoCheat Anti-Cheat System will add kernel-level protection for multiplayer, effective if an additional layer is incomplete on top of current anti-cheat efforts. Those extra efforts are, of course, ongoing on the client platform, the server, and in real life. As an example of the latter, the threat of trial has set off a group. Duty Cheat creators named Golden Gun.

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Administrators of the Golden Gun Group of cheat creators announced on Friday that it will “sit all development” going forward. The decision stems from a legal threat from Activision stating that the group was infringing Duty The Games’ Terms of Service, however, the Golden Guns administrators did not go into detail. It is possible that Activision is prosecuting Golden Gun, although this has not been confirmed by Activision or Golden Gun at this time.


The Golden Gun is moving quickly in response to Activision’s efforts. the team behind a range of Duty Cheats has already taken down the group’s official website, replacing it with a notice mentioning “ongoing legal matters with Activision.” It’s not clear what the status of the group’s Discord chat is currently, though an announcement about the group’s closure has been shared there as well.

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call of duty ricochet anti-cheat

The cheats offered by Golden Gun are popular, but it is one of several groups that currently produce cheats. Duty The game also isn’t the first, and unlikely to be the last, that Activision is targeted with lawsuits. Previous groups targeted by Activision include CxCheats, as well as the French group X22 Cheats just last October.

It’s possible that Activision is working to disrupt the cheat development pipeline before the release of its Ricochet anti-cheat launch. Duty It’s possible that cheat makers are already working on ways to do away with Ricochet’s anti-cheat driver, so if Activision can stop those efforts, though in essence it’s going to be in the long run in anti-cheat efforts. can help.

It is to reiterate that no anti-cheating effort is perfect. Software development is not a perfect science and the cheats developed are both geniuses and richly rewarded for their success. Yet maintaining a healthy competitive environment for players is equally beneficial to game developers, and especially at large. Duty Voting. Ricochet will arrive perfectly Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Vanguard At the beginning of December.

Call of Duty: Warzone And Call of Duty: Vanguard Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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