Presentation Deck Breakdown: Minute

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Last month I wrote about Minute and his $14 million Series B roundinvestment closed in December.

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Today we’re sharing the presentation the company used to run the round, led by Diamond Capital. What does Minute do? The startup has created a privacy-focused hardware solution that helps Airbnb hosts “monitor” their property without violating guest privacy.

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Slides in this deck

  • 1 – Cover
  • 2 – Really cool graphic slide introducing the product’s form factor.
  • 3 – Market context slide
  • 4 – “What we do” (product/solution slide)
  • 5 – “Sensor for each short-term rental” (product/feature slide)
  • 6 – Another beautiful product photo
  • 7 – Market Slide
  • 8 – Slide customer segments
  • 9 – TAM slider
  • 10 – Competition slide
  • 11 – Client confirmation slide with Trustpilot reviews
  • 12 – Customer Review Slide with Customer Quotes
  • 13 – Business model slide (“subscription model that scales”)
  • 14 – Traction slide – users, countries and distribution centers
  • 15 – “Minute in numbers” (KPI slide)
  • 16 – Traction slide – ARR growth
  • 17 – Traction slide – ARR breakdown including new, churn, extensions, and existing ARRs.
  • 18 – Traction slide – exacerbates the growth of ARR
  • 19 – “Plans by country” – plans for the expansion of Minut.
  • 20 – Slide “People” – with a photo of the team
  • 21 – The final slide – with a beautiful picture!

3 things to love

Pull, pull, pull

When I work with startups, I always tell them that if they have traction, that’s all that matters. In fact, I’ve seen startups raise money with a single slide – and when they did, it was a traction slide.

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If a startup can show that what it’s doing works, it really doesn’t matter much whether the team is unconventional or the product is ugly: if a company can rake in the money, it’s obviously worth taking a closer look at. .

Counterfeiting incoming dollars is difficult, and Minutes does an excellent job of telling the story; he breaks his ARR in a way that makes the story really popular. The first pull slide shows the rise in ARR. The next two slides show the company’s churn rate and show how existing customers become more valuable over time. Super cool.

[Slide 17] Minut edited the numbers from the ARR slide, but left the charts themselves. Using different colors to illustrate new customers along with market expansion and churn is a really great way to visually tell a company’s growth story. Image credits: Minute.

“We are hardware, deal with it.”

Many investors scatter as soon as someone mentions physical goods. The second slide in the Minute deck does two things: it shows that the company has a really well-designed product, but it also raises a flag that says, “Hey, we make hardware. If you don’t like it, we are not your people.” Helps to make sure the product photo is beautiful and the visual aid better explains what the company does. Very cleverly done.

It’s pretty funny to show a slide without text, but even without knowing anything about the company, it looks nice and tells a really important part of the story. Image credits: Minute.

Explains a difficult market very well

The company has the slogan “We are co-hosts who care about your home, guests and community” which is a great representation of the company and what it does. He then takes each part of the slogan and breaks it apart. It’s a skillful storytelling technique that does something really important: it helps connect the company’s mission with what the company wants the investor to understand. It also means that when the slogan is repeated later in the presentation, the company can rely on a short phrase that has depth and richness.

[Slide 4] This is where the company takes their offer of what we do and breaks it down into how each piece is an important piece of the puzzle. Image credits: Minute

For the rest of this breakdown, we’ll look at three things Minut could improve or do differently, as well as his full deck!

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