Preview Tom Taylor’s high-fantasy – DC Universe mash-up Dark Knights of Steel

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Writer Tom Taylor is bringing Marvel Comics the dark age, and now at DC she and artist Yasmin Putri are taking Justice League to the medieval times in the fantasy-fueled 12 issue series Dark Knights of Steel that begins on Nov.

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Set in a world of knights, wizards, emperors and castles, the Dark Knights of Steel will turn the high fantasy-fueled trap of its setting on its head when Superman’s Kryptonian spacecraft lands on a ruined planet in a medieval setting rather than the modern era. .


As seen on this cover by Wayne Reynolds, the series will star not only DC’s Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman’s ‘Trinity’, but in the tradition of DC’s Elseworlds Harley Quinn, Black Lightning, Alfred, Jor-El, Lara, Dinah Lance, Dick Grayson, and more.

DC has released a seven-page preview of the debut issue:

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Taylor has made a career out of writing alt-reality and continuity stories, including his breakout run on DC injustice as well as the publisher’s zombie-fueled dccid. As mentioned, he is writing another near-reality story for Marvel Comics called Dark Ages, which, despite the title evoking a medieval theme, actually shows a version of the Marvel Universe where technology and Electronics suddenly become inactive.

“The combination of DC superheroes and high fantasy is like a dream come true,” says Taylor of Dark Knights of Steel. “I grew up reading Lord of the Rings with Superman. Terry Pratchett with Garth Ennis. Robin Hobb and Mark Waid. Dragonlance and the Justice League. Now, I get to bring it all together with the incredible Yasmine Puttie, In the greatest story I could imagine. A story of war and love, of despair and hope, of betrayal and impossible alliances made in war. A story where we take on heroes we know all too well and See them in a way never seen before.”

Taylor went on to say that the series would introduce all-new originals for Superman, Constantine, Harley Quinn, and Black Lightning and also include “new romances, new friendships, and shocking twists that begin with the opening pages.”

“This is for Game of Thrones fans and critical roles,” Taylor continues. “It’s for kids who took the dice at school and dreamed of flying in the cape, for kids who chose their own adventure. It’s the birth of a new DC Universe. It’s the Dark Knights of Steel.”

See a gallery of covers for Dark Knights of Steel #1.

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