playstation plus It’s been a roller coaster of a year, giving fans some great games as well as some doubles. Trying to assess whether it’s worth renewing a PlayStation Plus subscription or just curious about this year’s offerings, a fan has compiled a slew of statistics that show the service will be out this year. How did you perform?

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It was a big year for the PS Plus, as it was also the first full year the service was available on the PS5. With better hardware comes the expectation of better games, and PlayStation did its best to give players just that. There were some big games that came into service like final fantasy 7 remake, Controls: Ultimate Edition, And A Plague Tale: Innocence, along with some other awesome people like destruction allstars, Tennis World Tour 2, And Hunters Arena: Legends, The PS5 exclusive to PS Plus customers was the PS Plus Collection, a personal library of over 20 games from the previous generation consoles included in the service.


Redditor joseph2411 is back with more PS Plus infographics, this time emphasizing the differences in the titles offered each month, as well as comparisons to 2020. In joseph2411’s first set of infographics, they provide concrete and more general filters for what the PS Plus should look like in 2021. , with a data table, for example, focusing only on PS5 PS Plus games. This time, joseph2411 provides a comparison with every piece of information, such as with a “Monthly Games” section, where they put the games they released in any given month and see how they stack up to that same month in 2020. Huh. Full infographic of Joseph 2411 can be seen Here,

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ps plus breakdown 2

After comparing 2020 and 2021 on a per-month basis, Joseph2411 looks at the two years more holistically, and generally speaking, 2021 was a better year than 2020 for PS Plus. In terms of the number of actual games introduced, 2021 had 41 (11 of them new titles), while 2020 had only 28 (and just 3 new games).

For those looking for dollar amounts, the total value of the PS Plus in 2021 (based on PSN prices) was $1,329.63, for an average of $35.94 per game, both of which were higher than in 2020, which cost $799.72 and $799.72 respectively. were $28.56. It is worth noting that all these figures are estimates only, to represent rough values ​​and not fixed figures.

That said, those who are skeptical may want to hold off a bit longer with reports of a competing service like the upcoming PlayStation Xbox Game Pass that will merge PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions. Whatever the future, here’s to another strong year playstation plus,

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