playstation plus 2021 got off to a great start, games like control final version, final fantasy 7 remake, And battlefield 5 All were available to customers at no additional cost. However, recently The PS Plus line-up has been pretty weak.

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With around 50 million members, PlayStation Plus is a popular subscription service in this industry. The games offered for November weren’t very exciting, but Sony added 3 PSVR titles to give customers more value. Black Friday is fast approaching, and it looks like players will be able to purchase 12 months of PlayStation Plus at a discounted rate.

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NS Walmart’s Black Friday ad reveals the 1-year PS Plus will cost $39.99, a $20 discount from its regular price of $59.99. A similar ad for Target also offers subscriptions at the same cost. Also, Black Friday sales for the PlayStation Store may have leaked online. It appears that it will take place from November 19th to November 29th, and fans will be able to get 33% off 12-months of PS Plus, which will also drop to $39.99. Fans around the world can expect to see similar offerings in their local currencies.

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PS Plus subscriptions usually go on sale a few times each year, especially on Black Friday and during the summer Play promotions. Fans should note that they can also add a year’s worth of PlayStation Plus multiple times to their account at this discounted rate. This presents a great opportunity to subscribe to PS Plus for several years, without paying full price for the service.

PlayStation Plus offers users great value, as a chart shows that customers received $1,919.39 worth of games this year. However, some customers subscribe to access online multiplayer only because they are only interested in playing their chosen competitive game each year. It should be noted that PS Plus is not required for free-to-play titles such as fortnite And Call of Duty: Warzone,

Regardless, Black Friday will allow fans to get 12 months of PS Plus for around $39.99, a fair discount on a service that’s already considered to offer a great value, just looking at the numbers, even That too at full cost. If the codes run out in local stores, fans can always head over to the PlayStation Store to take advantage of this discount.

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