latest major updates for Playstation 4 Finally available today, however, it’s far from perfect because it’s causing a laundry list of issues for some PS4 owners. While this is meant to bring the consoles up to speed with their current-gen PS5 counterparts, the update seems to be doing more harm than good in some respects.

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The 9.00 PlayStation 4 update is primarily about linking the PS4 and PS5 together, so players can watch PS5 trophies on their PS4. Players are also able to delete message groups if they are the owner and PS4 Remote Play now works using cellular data instead of requiring a WiFi connection.


While this all sounds great, many PS4 owners are reporting problems with the 9.00 update. Several console owners on the subreddit r/PS4 have reported that their consoles have come out with extremely slow updates. Some have even reported that their consoles have been completely bricked and completely unusable as a result.

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Fans in a Reddit thread have been trying to figure out which version of the PS4s are having issues, but there doesn’t seem to be any PS4 model that’s having more trouble than the others and it’s random whose May conflict with console updates. It’s also worth noting that many console owners haven’t had any issues with the 9.00 update.

It may not be ideal, but fans looking to play it safe can wait for the 9.00 update to install until Sony addresses the issues. There’s no official word from the company on when fans can expect a fix, but expect one to arrive soon. That said, it seems that most PS4 consoles are fine after the update, so problems are no guarantee, but watch out for any abnormalities with the system when using it for the first time after the update is installed.

The idea of ​​a bricked console is certainly a scary one because it’s so hard to get new hardware right now. It’s no secret that stock for the PS5 and Xbox Series X has been the best as a result of ongoing chip shortages, but consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One are hard to find as well. With the hardware part shortage and the growing interest in gaming as a result of the ongoing global pandemic, it would not be ideal to be out of consoles right now.

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