NS playstation 5, which is almost approaching its one year anniversary, is still undergoing some significant improvements in the quality of life. Recently there was a massive PS5 firmware update that gave gamers the option to remove features that seemed to bother many.

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Now, it is being reported that the firmware update has some additional lurking benefits that were not explicitly mentioned. As reported from Digital Foundry Direct Weekly shows, it seems that when comparing between the new and old PS5 firmware, some games actually run slightly faster on the latest firmware.


The experiment was conducted with a copy of various games such as Devil May Cry 5 And Control. It was observed that these games run about 2-3% faster on the new PS5 firmware, which led to an increase in framerate of 1-2 FPS. Interestingly, this slight difference does not apply to all sports, only a select few.

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Members of Digital Foundry explained the reasoning behind this, as a recent improved PS5 firmware revision offers a different cooling assembly, an improved console stand, and other small improvements. Aside from this slightly improved performance rate, Digital Foundry concluded that there were no other significant differences in the revamped PS5 compared to the one from launch.

Through the testing process, Digital Foundry found that the older PS5 with the updated software was able to run faster than the new PS5 with the older software. Once that problem was fixed, and both consoles were brought to the latest update, the latest PS5 ran a bit more smoothly than the older PS5 firmware. While these changes to the console can’t really be seen without the use of equipment, it’s interesting to note that PS5 software updates can improve hardware performance. It seems like these changes may have been unintentional on Sony’s part, but it’s interesting to consider why the improved framerate only works on select games.

Hopefully, Sony will continue to expand its ability to improve the PS5 console from the comfort of home. Other changes brought in the PlayStation 5 update include expandable storage, disabling the screenshot icon, and the ability to turn off on-screen recording notifications whenever players are attempting to capture game footage. So it should be known that Sony is listening to consumers and doing whatever it takes to make sure the console lives up to its standards.

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