pubg: battlefield, previously known PlayerUnknown’s BattlefieldOne of the most popular sports in the world. Seen as the first battle royale game to define the market, pubg: battlefield Reached millions of players. Its success has made PUBG a multi-game franchise, which includes spin-offs such as the upcoming sci-fi horror game. Callisto Protocol, pubg: battlefield Despite being a premium title, it’s all managed, but PUBG Corp. Now ready to overcome that last hurdle.

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on paper, pubg: battlefield There’s no need to go free-to-play, but PUBG Corp. clearly believes that the positives of that transition now outweigh the negatives. Players can now play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms pubg: battlefield Will be able to do so for free and moving on forever. Comes with the release of innings pubg: battlefield‘ 15.2 update, which also includes the Tactical Gear feature, as well as basic training, improved in-game ping markers, and more.


PUBG Corp. Also trying to reward players who make purchases pubg: battlefield For a premium price. Previous players will be automatically upgraded to the Battlegrounds Plus account tier, which rewards 1,300 G-Coins, a 100% boost to Survival Mastery XP, Ranked Mode access, custom match functionality, and other exclusive features. They will also be given a battle-hardened costume skin set, Shackle & Shanks legacy pan, and a battle-hardened legacy nameplate.

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free to play pubg: battlefield Players will be able to upgrade to the BATTLEGROUNDS Plus account level for $12.99, a premium fee that serves multiple purposes. For one, it continues to reward players who have previously purchased pubg: battlefield, but perhaps the most important reason it is protected pubg: battlefield‘ Rank Environment. For example, cheaters may not be able to repeatedly create new free-to-play accounts to dominate the rank ladder, or at least not without continuing to pay the price.

Naturally, the decision leads to disappointment. While PUBG Corp. has preserved the ranking ladder pubg: battlefield Through the Premium Battlegrounds Plus surcharge, non-ranked queues have no such protection. Cheaters will be able to find ways to create new accounts after being banned, much to the dismay of other free-to-play players who don’t have access to the walled walls of the ranked game.

Regardless, the benefits of free-to-play pubg: battlefield Should be clear to all players. A wave of new players should reinvigorate the community and ensure pubg: battlefield For a long time to come. Steam tracking of concurrent players has already shown the number doubling. With free-to-play battle royale being the default for the genre, even pubg: battlefield He has to make sure that he is doing what is best for the future of the series.

pubg: battlefield Available now on mobile, PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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