QAnon FAQ: Why Q believers think JFK Jr. will return in November

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QAnon hasn’t gone away.

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President Joe Biden has been in office for more than a year, but QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy theory, continues. Followers of the far-right movement gathered in Dallas on November 2 for the group’s latest bizarre claim: that John F. Kennedy Jr., who was killed in a plane crash in 1999, would appear and herald Trump’s return. Even though the deceased president’s son didn’t rise from his grave, cue believers Still waiting in Dallas And now he is expected to return on Wednesday.


Like most of the QAnon conspiracy predictions, this one is completely bogus.

the belief that JFK Jr. is still alive and acting Began in 2018 as a secret confidante for Trump, according to travis view, pseudonym of the QAnon specialist. Like many beliefs of Q followers, it began with a post anonymous imageboard 4Chan, A man calling himself “R” posted a picture of JFK Jr. with Trump. Since then, QAnon’s believers not only expected President John F. Kennedy’s son to miraculously survive, but they also claimed that he would be Trump’s running mate. There are some people in the movement too Claims that he himself is JFK Jr.

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QAnon believers camped on Daily Plaza — The place where Kennedy was assassinated — on November 2. Conspiracy claimed that JFK Jr. would return sometime in the afternoon. From there, he would become President of the United States or somehow get the power to hand over the office to Trump. The group is a follower of Q influencer Michael Bryan Protzman, who goes by the name Negative48. He continues to claim that even though JFK Jr. doesn’t appear on November 2, he will appear on Wednesday or November 22, according to a report. Vice President, Followers were seen waiting and singing at Daly Plaza on Monday night.

There’s no truth to this claim, but that hasn’t deterred QAnon’s believers at first.

QAnon believes Trump was leading a holy war against a group of Democratic leaders and Hollywood celebrities whom he claimed were pedophiles and Satanists. Understanding QAnon requires looking at how it got started and what its followers believe. The hoax has already incited violence in the real world as many Q followers were taking part in January 6 Attack on the US Capitol,

QAnon Shaman

Jake Angeli, better known as QAnon Shaman, was part of the mob that stormed the Capitol building on January 6.

If you have questions about QAnon, we have answers.

QAnon sounds crazy. What can you tell me about it?

QAnon is an online conspiracy theory that claims that Trump is waging a secret war against the Democratic elite and a dark state of Hollywood stars who are pedophiles and devil worshippers. meat eater There is somewhere. In fact that is what he believes.

The conspiracy theory dates back to October 2017, when an anonymous post on a message board said that extradition agreements had been made with several countries in 2016 by Hillary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic rival for the White House, “in case of cross-border runs”. (That run still hasn’t happened.) The person or group behind the post eventually came to be known as “Q”, from which the conspiracy theory’s name comes.

QAnon Post

First QAnon post.

Since then, conspiracy theories have gotten wide and awkward, It has now morphed into former President Barack Obama and billionaire philanthropist George Soros, both of whom are frequent subjects of conspiracy theories online, among other well-known figures.

By the way, the reference to Q is highest security level approval in the Department of Energy. This is the department that oversees nuclear weapons. Q claims he has worked close to Trump and the inner circle of his administration.

Didn’t Joe Biden’s presidential victory stop this conspiracy theory?

QAnon believers expect a last-minute military takeover or a martial law order from Trump for Biden’s inauguration, before the afternoon transfer of power. Obviously, this did not happen, and many followers Taken to various social media platforms like Gab and Telegram To share in their confusion.

More prominent names within the movement continue to express their belief that something will change to remove Biden from office. 8kun, the anonymous message board where Q posts, saw a brief meltdown by a moderator, who removed all content from its “Q research” forum shortly after its opening. Hours later it went back to “normal” with posts from users who continued to believe and others who made fun of them.

A survey taken in January from American Enterprise Institute shows that 29% of Republicans fully or mostly agree that Trump was “secretly fighting a group of child sex traffickers that includes prominent Democrats and the Hollywood elite.”

Why who?

Other than Q, we can’t say for sure.

Of course, more than one person has claimed to be the Q, with one theory stating that the mysterious figure is a time Traveler, (Even some QAnon followers, who have proven they’ll believe just about anything, think it’s a little too crazy.)

Paul Furber, a conspiracy theorist from Johannesburg, South Africa, has probably been identified as the original Q poster because he made an appearance on the InfoWars TV show hosted by Alex Jones a few months after the first post. An appearance on the conspiracy-minded program, which has a following among Trump supporters, was key to bringing QAnon from online message boards to a more mainstream audience.

Jim Watkins, owner of 8kun message board, is another person who is often presumed to be a mysterious figure because Q’s post went up on his site shortly after it first appeared. Frederick Brennan, who created 8kun. predecessor of, says that the message board’s authentication system, known as a secure tripcode, can prove who is using the handle. In the case of 8chan and 8kun, a secure tripcode is verified by the site’s servers and can identify the user via a unique number within a post, even though the message board allows users to remain anonymous. Jim Watkins has administrative privileges on 8kun and can use Q-specific tripcodes at any time.

in HBO documentary Question: In the storm, director Cullen Hoback claims that Ron Watkins, Jim Watkins’ son and former 8chan/8kun admin, Q. Hoback covered both Watkins and Brennan over the course of three years because they were the main people who ran 8chan back in 2018. . Where Q started posting the message. In his final interview with Ron Watkins, Hoback believes Watkins revealed too much.

ron watsin

Ron Watkins’ response after claiming that was not the cue.

“Yeah, so thinking back on it, like, it was basically… three years of intelligence training teaching benchmarks how to do intelligence tasks. This was basically what I was doing anonymously but first, as a Q Never,” said Ron Watkins on the video call, before breaking into a big grin. Hoback goes on to say that it happened when Watkins slipped, and they both knew it.

The last cue drop was on December 8, 2020, and included a YouTube link to a pro-Trump video featuring the song We’re Not Gonna Take It from the ’80s heavy metal band Twisted Sister. It has since been removed but uploaded again bitchute,

Around the same time as the final Q drop, Ron Watkins began appearing on right-wing news programs and spreading conspiracy theories about the presidential election, as well as tweeting misinformation similar to the Q. Twitter banned his account after the January 6 uprising. Since the show’s premiere, he has denied his involvement with Q On. his telegram account,

In October, Ron Watkins said that he Filed paperwork to run for Congress representing Arizona,

Neither Farber nor Watkins responded to requests for comment.

What happened on 4th March 2020?

Apple adds option to transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos, Square has Tidal. bought a stake in, And this PS5 was in stock for a few minutes at Walmart, Also, there was no mutiny on March 4, 2020.

Why March 4: This was the day the Constitution took effect in 1789 and dates from 1793 until the adoption of the original inauguration date for presidents. 20th Amendment in 1933. The goal of the amendment was to shorten the period of “lame duck” after the election.

taking a page from Sovereign Citizens Movement, a group with its own interpretation of US laws and viewed by the FBI as domestic terrorists, QAnon followers believe the amendment is not law. (The explanation for this belief is lengthy, tortuous and wrong. It has to do with a bogus explanation of District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, Feel free to read this if you have…

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