In a world of fast-paced PC first-person shooters, the old gaming community will have nothing but memories of id Software Earthquake, was originally published in 1996. The gothic game was recently given a modern polish when a remastered patch for it went live via Steam in August. John Romero was also happy Earthquake The remaster restored the content, and the rejuvenation of the classic title has given fans old and new an excuse to start playing again. Since then, a new update has been unveiled that continues to improve the experience specifically for multiplayer.

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in the latest Earthquake Patch notes, some changes have been made to the game, especially with regards to the online and co-op modes. One of the big changes is bot support for multiple levels, as well as improvements to bot melee attacks, and the way they move around the map, such as operating elevators. A change has also been implemented in which the hosts of multiple multiplayer matches will now be highlighted with an icon instead of a color. This is to make it easier for gamers who are color-blind, to identify the players.


Another major thing in the patch is the improvements. Anyone who’s been around video games for a long time knows that the PC modding community produces some amazing content for games, and the original Earthquake There is no exception. With people still modifying the game and creating custom maps, this latest update to the remastered version looks to add more support for those who want to change the game in any way.

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Despite being a quarter century old at this time, Earthquake Still worth playing, especially with the new 4K visuals recently added. This latest patch shows that the studio is still eager to give this classic FPS the love it deserves, and it also gives those who didn’t get the chance to play it the first time around, a fresh chance to see what all the fuss was about. .

While the world awaits to hear confirmation whether any new Earthquake The game may be in development, especially with talks that it might have with a female protagonist, fans can continue fighting the gothic monsters in the original. It may have been given a little modern gaming makeover, but it still retains the original Earthquake What the game was all about is its moody atmosphere, its fast-paced action, and its haunting Nine Inch Nails soundtrack.

Quake Remastered Now available on Steam.

Source: Steam

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