rainbow six extraction It’s just days away, and Ubisoft has released several trailers ahead of the game’s release. Whereas extraction One of January’s most notable releases, it seems to be flying under the radar.

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Ubisoft recently detailed the Maelstrom protocol rainbow six extraction, which will task players with 9 objectives with various modifiers and represent some of the end-game content on offer. Operators as well as objectives rotate on a weekly basis, and are intended to keep players engaged throughout the post-launch period. Now, Ubisoft has released a new trailer that highlights the key potential of one of the operators.


The video provides a brief look at how Operator Rook can help the team rainbow six extraction, The rook can drop armor plates for the entire team, and players wearing armor will receive increased damage resistance during enemy encounters. Additionally, players will fall down instead of being knocked down when using these armor plates, potentially helping to deter operatives going MIA. The short 40-second video mainly focuses on Rook’s unique ability and shows some glimpses of the fight.

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The trailer ends with a mention that friends can play rainbow six extraction For free through the Buddy Pass system. This will allow players to invite up to 2 friends on any platform to play for 14 days. Looks like it will work similar to Buddy Pass Co-op it takes two, which also allowed players to invite a friend for free.

Fans on PC should take a look at the minimum system requirements rainbow six extraction before finalizing their purchase. Players do not require a high-end PC to play extraction, and it will support uncapped frame rates in addition to Nvidia DLSS, Nvidia Reflex and Vulkan APIs. It will also get support for ray tracing on PC.

rainbow six extraction There isn’t a full-priced game, with the Standard Edition available for $39.99. A Deluxe Edition, which comes with 3 bonus packs, will sell for $49.99. Other than this, extraction It will release a day earlier on Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC, when it launches on January 20th. Incidentally, both rainbow six extraction And hitman trilogy Launch on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. Ubisoft is hoping rainbow six extraction can reach the level of popularity of rainbow six siegeBut at least, its low price and availability on Xbox Game Pass should help maintain a healthy player base.

rainbow six extraction Will launch on January 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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