one of the more powerful weapons Apex Legends Got “disappointed”. The Rampage LMG was added to Season 10 of Battle Royale, and was immediately recognized as one of the best LMGs ever. Apex Legends, However, Respawn Entertainment just weakened the deadly gun in an update that may slightly change the game’s meta.

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Recently two weapons were temporarily removed from Respawn Entertainment Battle Royale. The Rampage LMG and Sentinel sniper rifle were faulty Apex Legends, as a glitch allowed the weapons to charge infinitely. Now that the bug has been fixed, Respawn has taken the opportunity to “nerf” the Rampage LMG, a weapon that most of the community has been complaining about.


Apex Legends An update was received, and one of the main aspects of the patch was to re-introduce Sentinel and Rampage after being taken out of the game. Some players noticed the change in rampage, and Respawn confirmed the nerf on Twitter. Powerful Rampage damage has been reduced from 28 per bullet to 26. Additionally, thermite consumption is increased, meaning that when grenades are used to power it, the gun will return to its normal position more quickly.

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According to Lead Weapons Designer for the popular shooter, Eric Canavis, Rampage was not supposed to be discontinued until Season 12. Apex Legends, Weapon changes, legend changes, and more often coincide with major seasonal updates, not just a small mid-season patch. However, because Rampage had been disabled for a short time, now was the perfect opportunity to make changes.

Adjustments to the LMG could prove game-changing, but there’s a chance the gun will still be very popular Apex Legends, Before the update, Rampage did 140 damage per second. Now it does 130. Meanwhile, when using thermite to power it, Rampage did 182 damage per second due to the fast fire rate. Now it does 169. If a player recovers completely, no matter what armor they are using, Rampage will still take the exact amount of shots to kill compared to Patch (without headshots). But if the enemy is already hurt, or if the Rampage is combined with other weapons, this change could mean that another bullet is needed to do the job. Perhaps the biggest reason for the Rampage’s success is the magazine’s large size and impressive accuracy, and it remains the same for now. The biggest change could be that the LMG will come out of its “raved up” position much faster.

Apex Legends Now available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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