Read These 5 Comics After Ms. Marvel

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Based on it the heroine alone Disney+six-episode mini-series Ms. Marvel It looks like this could be a game changer for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kamala Khan, the next generation hero for whom the show is named, is unlike any current MCU superstar – instead, she’s just a teenager, Avengers a fan is not much different from most people who watch. Or at least until she discovers powers she didn’t even know she had. And once fans see her go from fangirl to new icon, they’ll be hungry for more. That’s where we step in – with some comics you should read after you fall in love with Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel #1-5 (2014)
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The first storyline from the character’s incarnation from the comics may not show up directly in the series – she has different abilities and a different origin story, for one – but that’s where Kamala’s heart and soul come from on screen, with J. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alfona creating who something more messy, a little less perfect, and a lot more human than the characters fans are used to. Think of it as an update to the classic Spider-Man formula that focuses even more on the real person inside the suit.

Ms. Marvel No. 16-19 (2015)
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Central to Ms. Marvel in both her comics and television incarnations is the world she lives in; more than most Marvel heroes, she is in many ways a product of her environment and a protector of those she loves. So what happens when this world comes to an end and there is nothing she can do to stop it? Impending comic book plot Secret Wars is the backdrop for The Last Days, in which the end of the world is indeed is At night, forcing Kamala to come to terms with many harsh truths, face an unexpected last-minute foe… and meet her hero, Captain Marvel, just to add to her stress.

Ms. Marvel No. 25-28 (2017-2018)

Of course, the end of the world was not the end of history, and years later Kamala disappeared just when she was needed most. Who can help during this difficult time? The answer demonstrates the impact Ms. Marvel – and, by extension, Kamala Khan – has had on those around her, and provides an unlikely but utterly charming full circle moment in her story as the fan is forced to face the reality that she herself has become the object of the fandom. Who will save the day if Kamala can’t? Everyone she inspires to just be themselves, that’s who.

Brand new, completely different Avengers #1-6 (2015)
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It was only a matter of time before Ms. Marvel could play in the larger Marvel Universe, and Brand new, completely different Avengers– title issued after the above Secret Wars The storyline brought her face to face with some of the biggest Marvel characters of the time, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Miles Morales’ version of Spider-Man. Was she too in awe of them to earn a place on the team, or was she even more amazing as a result of what happened? Spoilers: this is not the first. Think of it as a prelude to what happens when Kamala meets her characters on screen.

Ms. Marvel: Bottled Infinity Comic #1 (2022)

The current incarnation of Kamala Khan in the comics has just finished one series – multi-dimensional. Ms. Marvel: Beyond— and is set to appear this summer in a three-episode story pairing her with Wolverine, Moon Knight, and Venom, respectively. (Look, she can almost certainly hold her own against each of them if it comes to a fight, which we doubt she would have allowed anyway.) In the meantime, she only appears in this digital…only once, which could also be one of her most enchanting appearances to date. Written by YA author Samira Ahmed with art by Ramon Bax, bottled is a fun, low-stakes romp with magical demons and a reminder that, deep down, Kamala Khan is a hero who watches over the little guys. Especially those who ate too much chocolate. It is a treasure, like Kamala herself.


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