Real-life Squid Game re-creates Netflix show with $456,000 prize

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The survival show was brought to life by YouTuber MrBeast.

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From Playground till The OfficeMany attempts have been made to bring squid game for life. But those were just warm-ups. The main event is upon us.


A real-looking version of the squid game based on the survival competition in Netflix’s sensational South Korean show of the same name can now be viewed on YouTube for your twisted enjoyment.

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The video comes from MrBeast, a channel that creates a live off running competition for fans and members of the public, offering huge cash prizes.

Marvel at the incredibly designed squid game contest below.

The video has already garnered 4 million views and counting since it hit YouTube on Wednesday afternoon.

This includes Red Light, Green Light Game, Honeycomb (Dalgona) Game and Marble Game – kids’ games that turn deadly on Netflix shows.

Competition runners now wear the iconic Squid Game Red Guard uniform, while competitors wear a green uniform. There’s a flood this halloween,

The prize is $456,000 – however, unlike the show, this number does not increase as contestants are eliminated.

Netflix’s squid game climbs its one-inch-long subtitle barrier Most Watched Shows of All Time on StreamerBy defeating Bridgerton. However, negative side effects were also observed, such as Children harming each other on playgrounds And a recently reported The (and possibly dismissed) death sentence for the North Korean student who smuggled the show into the country.

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