The latest live-service, action-adventure game from Rockstar Games, red dead online, came on the scene back in 2018. Since then, it has received several updates, such as the popular blood money Updates, and features Bank Robbery, Bar Brawl, plus Shootout. But, if one chooses to go down the path of chaos, he must look the part, so this player effectively did just that.

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There are lots of clothing options red dead online To choose from the moment the multiplayer mode boots up. So many, in fact, that some creative players have sought to recreate both famous personalities and fictional characters, but as thieves, outlaws chasing dollars. With that said though, this upcoming mobster doesn’t have much trouble fitting into the game’s Wild West setting.


Reddit user HeySoloSoYo has used the options brilliantly red dead online Extensive construction engine to bring infamous mobster Al Capone to the Great Plains. From fancy cuffed sleeves, tiny brass buttons, and prominent slits running from ear to jaw, this version from Scarface has it all.

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A closer look reveals that red dead online Entertaining features a flashy but expensive multi-layered outfit that includes a Valentines Striped Style vest, several gem-studded rings, a plush round-top Nevada hat, and a gold Muhlberg Mauser pistol for good measure. For added immersion, HeySoloSoYo also included various shots of red Dead The interpretation is moving away from a big, stubby cigar, which surprisingly mimics the now-infamous Al Capone picture. In short, while some liberties have been taken with the outfit, it still looks incredibly accurate for “Snorkie.”

For the uneducated, Public Enemy number one was born as Alphonse Gabriel Capone in 1899, which coincidentally is the year red dead redemption 2 is set. Over time, the mobster went from run-of-the-mill gangster to one of the most infamous crime kingpins of all time, who during the Great Prohibition of the 1920s served the alcohol-starved American public with a drink. was supplying. This famed position in both history and the criminal underworld makes him a perfect fit for a western filled with money-focused activity, especially with the recent flashy red dead online Moonlight Update.

It also wouldn’t be the first time HeySoloSoYo has managed to achieve such a feat, as user first brought up Homer Simpson red dead online. Complete with a beer belly, bald head and blue jeans, it only goes to prove that any desired character can be brought into the open world game if the player puts the time and attention on the details needed to achieve parity. make investments.

red dead online Now available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

Source: reddit

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