Since it debuted and was released from the public beta stages several months later in May 2019, fans of red dead online The game certainly hasn’t been silent about the lack of updates it has received. While some major DLC installations have progressed over the years, such as red dead online Frontier Pursuits role expansion, community feels the game has failed to live up to its true potential, Now, the latest announcement from Rockstar Games has left fans even more distraught.

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for the uneducated, red dead online debuted as a multiplayer-focused mode for red dead redemption 2 before being released as a standalone game. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, it was established as the western equivalent of grand theft auto online, another sandbox shooter from the company that is still seeing huge success despite its 2013 release, Although the game flourished on countless expansions and overhauls like the popular Los Santos tuners, most players today feel that Rockstar has given up. red dead online To die in your digital desert wasteland.


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Now, red dead onlineThe latest update of the game has only resulted in more adverse publicity and anger from fans of the game. Introduced on Twitter by Rockstar Games as a call to action to start the new year with in-game bonuses, it’s safe to say that heated feelings were only going one way, as many players immediately expressed shallowness and The lack of depth was criticized. Update. Things only progressed when a post was made on red dead online The most popular subreddit that pushes the update even further.

Currently sitting at over 400 upvotes, a considerable number of users expressed their dismay in the reply section of the post red dead online, From just looking at the top answers, it’s clear that the general criticism consensus is that the update is “low effort stuff” and is doing nothing to help players get back to the game’s “dead” servers. On top of this, many people quickly point out that red dead online Now “updating monthly instead of weekly,” which has left many to speculate that this only reinforces that Rockstar has abandoned the game.

Also, it is not surprising red dead online For players who have been slow to crawl the detailed update, Blood Money is the first major update in a long time. That’s because a report revealed that Rockstar has shifted development resources to red dead online, mostly to assist in various other projects.

Rockstar Games’ overall public reputation has recently been tarnished as a result of these seemingly actionless measures in quality assurance. After all, the studio was recently in hot water over the controversial grand theft auto Remastered Trilogy. In short, it will take a long time for the company to win back the trust of millions of consumers.

red dead online Now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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