red dead redemption 2 A game that is so full of detail that some of its mysteries are still being uncovered years after its initial release date, but one mystery in particular has been made exceptionally difficult to solve. A YouTuber recently took on the challenge of explaining what really happened at Bear Claw Camp red dead redemption 2. They needed to investigate both to find the solution red Dead Redemption Play

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Bear Claw Camp – or Bearclaw Camp in the first game – is an abandoned group of decaying cabins and huts located in the Tall Trees area of ​​the West Elizabeth region. The camp had been attacked before red dead redemption 2 begins, but to find out what happened there, YouTuber Strange Man goes back to the original red Dead Redemption to find clues.


There, he found a connection between Bear Paw Camp and two other locations: the mystery site at Repentance Rock and the abandoned Native American camp known as Mescalero. In Repentance Rock, players can find what appear to be stone petroglyphs of uncertain significance and an animal hidden with painted symbols that point them to Mescalero. This is not the first time red Dead Redemption has incorporated Native American symbols and culture, but the mystery tells a rather sad story.

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Strange Man linked the first three symbols – the sun, tepee and medicine wheel – to the Mescalero, which is named after an actual Apache tribe. The Mescalero camp consists of abandoned teepees and a stone medicine wheel in the center, also inspired by an actual medicine wheel found in the Bighorn National Forest. Standing in the middle will reveal a distinctive line of rocks pointing in the direction of the rising sun, as indicated by the sun symbol with an arrow on a ray. The last two symbols, a bear track and an arrow, are all weird men who need to declare it red Dead Redemption Mystery solved.

The arrow symbol combines the symbols representing the bear track and the Mescalero, so assuming that the bear track represents the bear claw camp, it appears that the Mescalero tribe attacked the bear claw settlers. Players can watch the scene after the attack red dead redemption 2, full of arrows sticking out of dead bodies. Also, if Arthur takes a picture of the camp, the tag on the social club will read “Dead Settlers”, which appears to set it up. red Dead Redemption The secret to relaxing. Strange Man suggests that the animal skin was left by a repentant member of the Mescalero tribe, but notes that the reason behind the attack is left to the player’s interpretation. Of course, given how settlers treated Native Americans historically, coming up with a motive may not require much imagination.

red dead redemption 2 Now available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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