Red Dead Redemption 2 cut characters revealed in datamine

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A bunch of Red Dead Redemption 2 cut characters have surfaced through the game files.

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Right below, you can see a post that originally surfaced on the Red Dead Redemption 2 subreddit last weekend. In the post, a user who rummaged through the game’s files on PC claimed to have found several characters originally appearing in Rockstar’s Wild West prequel, but eventually abandoned for unknown reasons.


In another great discovery, the user is also able to provide details as to where the cut character will be displayed in the final game. For example, the first character of the bunch to appear in the “Famous Gunslinger” side mission, while the sixth character with the long black coat was originally the sheriff of an unspecified town.

but that’s not all. In the comments below the post, the user who made these discoveries also claimed to have found a file belonging to Nigel, the mysterious NPC that can be found at various points in Red Dead Redemption 2, which stands for “Nigel”. was shouting, what the players believed. His business partner or friend. This Nigel is never found in Red Dead Redemption 2, but a letter received from Gavin’s corpse, should the player kill him, foreshadows the relationship between the two.

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Dataminer claims that Gavin’s real name is none other than Nigel, according to the game files, which brings a whole new facet to the mystery. Could it be that Nigel and Gavin are actually the same person, with the person in question suffering from some sort of split personality disorder? It is entirely possible, although it is equally possible that this is nothing more than a red herring from Rockstar.

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