Despite being almost three years old, red dead redemption 2 remains incredibly popular within the gaming community. A gripping narrative with a plethora of memorable characters, red dead redemption 2 It has managed to resonate with many players, leading to many unique fan creations. The most recent of which includes a custom Mega Blox figure.

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characters presented within red dead redemption 2 Has attracted the attention of many talented individuals. Characters such as Sadie Adler and Arthur Morgan have been the subject of cosplay for as long as the game has been released. However, cosplay isn’t the only form factor that fans have used as a way to celebrate the characters. red dead redemption 2. In fact, one fan has managed to capture the likeness of Dutch van der Linde using an unexpected method.


A Reddit user named bruv82 created a custom Mega Blox figure that looks exactly like Dutch van der Linde red dead redemption 2. The amazing thing about this figure is that not only does the clothing and face look exactly like Dutch, but this recreation also includes many fine details, such as the Dutch gold chain, handkerchief, gun.

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Dutch Van Der Linde Mega Bloks

While video game themed mega blocks aren’t very common, save for aura Mega Blox Toys, this custom figure almost looks like it could have come from a red Dead Redemption Themed Mega Blox Set. It’s impressive to see how much dedication and thought goes into making something like this, as well as similar work done by other users when it comes to different gaming qualities.

Many custom Mega Bloks and Lego figures of video game characters have begun to circulate online. For example, a God of war Fan made custom Kratos and Atreus figurines. There aren’t many video game-themed building sets similar to Mega Bloks and Lego, so it will be really interesting to see what the whole Van der Linde gang will look like as Mega Bloks or Lego figures.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future red dead redemption 2 going forward. Right now, the bulk of the new material has come in the form of red dead online And there’s been no sign of additional story material in the works. It’s possible that Rockstar Games has several different projects its developers are currently working on, but at the moment, it’s impossible to know if there will be any more. red Dead Redemption material outside red dead online.

red dead redemption 2 Now available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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