red dead redemption 2 Years ago it made its way into gaming history, but the title still commands great popularity, and its fans continue to pay tribute to its memorable characters, story, and achievements. In fact, red dead redemption 2 So popular that even people outside the gaming community would have paid tribute to it. a young red dead redemption 2 Fan recently celebrated his birthday with a gorgeous birthday cake inspired by the game.

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This is not the first time red dead redemption 2 The fan has created an elaborate artistic tribute, but it’s notable because the fan isn’t the one baking the cake himself. Instead, his mother stepped up to the plate and placed a cake that symbolizes the essence. red dead redemption 2,


Redditor Kawub1108 shared a photo of a cake made by her mother for her birthday, which is so close to capturing every detail of her. red dead redemption 2Stylish cover. The cake features sculpted bullets, a chocolate gun and a large cut-out of the game’s title as a background of bright red fondant. On the side of the cake is another gun and a giant printed wanted poster for the game’s protagonist, Arthur Morgan. Instead of listing a bounty, the poster only offers a picture of Arthur Morgan and the phrase “robber for life”.

Red Dead themed cake my mom gave me for my birthday From
red Dead Redemption

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Kawub1108’s mother bakes a charming cake that is the essence of Chanel red dead redemption 2Although the cake decorations could easily have been taken directly from the cover. The bullets appear to have been made from gold-painted white chocolate or marzipan, while the guns are very clearly chocolate. It’s hard to tell whether the poster and title are edible, but it looks like they’re made of paper and cardboard, respectively.

It appears that other fans are excited about Kawub1108’s birthday cake. Many users said that red dead redemption 2 The cake looked awesome – possibly just as awesome red DeadK graphics – and that Kawub1108’s mother was awesome at making it. In a particularly sweet and funny turn of events, one user said the cake was really good and another user named YoMommaJokeBot replied saying “Not as good as your mom.” A whole conversation quickly formed about how amazingly good the bot’s response was and agreeing how good Kaub 1108’s mother was.

red dead redemption 2 Available for PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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