K transforming character red dead redemption 2 Joining members of the opposite sex is one of the most popular activities for fans as it provides an incredible alternative look at some of video games’ most iconic figures. Recently, an artist conceived red dead redemption 2 Arthur Morgan as a female outlaw garnered widespread acclaim and virginity, but now, gamers have a chance to see what the protagonist’s daughter would have looked like. There will be minor spoilers for the main story mode.

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For starters, Arthur Morgan is the terrifying, vengeful hero leading up to the 2010 sequel. red Dead Redemption. Loved by many gamers, what makes him so interesting is that while he often resorts to murder and has little problems doing so, he also expresses a caring and loyal personality that is almost unrelenting. bet your partner is told red dead redemption 2 gang members. However, buried beneath his hard-boiled masculine personality, his softer softness side is revealed more often than his ex-boyfriend, Mary Linton.


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Unfortunately, by the end of the action-adventure Western, this wedge-driven relationship never really blossoms as Mary Linton accepts that Arthur Morgan is unable to leave behind his criminal-funded lifestyle nor his trusty Van der Linde gang. Very unlikely to leave. So, she apologizes for how their relationship turned out and returns the engagement ring he had given her. Whatever the case, that hasn’t stopped the enthusiast LDG192 from uncovering an incredible red dead redemption 2 Image that depicts an alternate timeline that sees “reunited with Arthur” [Mary],” and living in Canada with their daughter “Susan Morgan”.

Those who have detected some of the viral “old face” filter trends on social media may already be up to date with FaceApp. This is not a new app by any means, but its popularity has skyrocketed due to the proliferation of its features, especially the ones used above which allow users to “imagine a future child” with images of two faces. allows to combine.

After the image was uploaded to the game’s official subreddit, the post went viral, receiving over 1500 upvotes and collective praise. red dead redemption 2 Many people as a community get a kick out of experiencing what might have happened if Mary and Arthur had mended their broken relationship. The mock character in question appears to share more prominent facial features than Mary, as both share her trademark mole and thin-bridged nose. Simultaneously, Arthur’s wide jaw line makes an appearance, along with brown, grass-hued pants with his iconic dirty blue shirt tied in black.

Among the theories, one user insisted that they would “play the game without question”, which drew support from others on the thread. This means that despite the lack of female-led video games at Rockstar Games, there are a fairly large number of players who would try a female-led Weston. Although it is entirely based on speculation, its obvious fans want a stronger female character, with similar characteristics, to follow in Arthur Morgan’s footsteps. red dead redemption 2 Sadie Adler.

There’s some good news for gamers who want developers to replace their male-centric protagonist, as actress Alex McKenna wants Sadie Adler to lead red dead redemption 3. After all, her full story is yet to be told as Sadie supposedly moved to South America to continue the bounty hunt in the wake of the end. Therefore, documenting your experiences while trying to establish a new career abroad would be an excellent change of scenery for a sequel.

red dead redemption 2 Now available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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