NS red Dead Redemption Suffrage takes place during a harsh period of American history and rarely shied away from depicting the brutality that humans are capable of inflicting on each other in the name of wealth, revenge, or simple existence. It may come as no surprise that the series focuses on characters capable of thriving in this difficult environment. Now, red dead redemption 2 Fans are discussing which of the game’s toughest characters, Arthur Morgan and Charles Smith, would win in a fist fight.

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Please note that this article will Massive spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2.


Arthur Morgan is the protagonist red dead redemption 2, which means gamers may be overly familiar with his abilities and the kind of thing he can survive, but Charles Smith is known for being a great fighter in the game. Charles Smith was also able to escape the cycle of violence in which the Van der Linde Gang drowned, a task Arthur Morgan may have failed if played with less respect. However, it can be difficult to find a satisfactory answer to the answer by which man will win the battle.

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Charles Smith has an impeccable record in tournament fighting, making him a favorite in prize-fighting, but Arthur Morgan is incredibly tough in both gameplay and story. In addition, Arthur Morgan is still fighting well in his tuberculosis diagnosis, possibly just until the disease gets the best of him. Some of the main symptoms of tuberculosis are weakness, fatigue, coughing up blood, weight loss, chest pain, and fever, all of which will probably make a fist fight quite difficult for most people.

On the other hand, only Charles Smith was not showing signs of pain after the bar fight at Valentines, and several users said under the original post that he might have strangled, body slamed, or even been That can chokeslam too. Another user pointed out that Arthur Morgan may have survived being strangled by a bear, which may have been disputed by gamers who have encountered a bear. red dead redemption 2. Charlize Smith is also shown tossing Micah Bell around like a ragdoll when the latter gets her bad side.

At the time of writing, fans seem to be split as to who will emerge victorious. Many fans have debated which of the two is more muscular, heavier or just plain bigger. Some users argued that Charles Smith had a more sophisticated technique, while another reported that Arthur Morgan was doing better in bar fights. The general consensus seems to be that Arthur Morgan is mean and physically tough, especially before coming down from tuberculosis, while Charles Smith has more fist experience and a more athletic build. Fans still seem divided over who will win, although some have noted that Charles Smith and Arthur Morgan get along well and are unlikely to fight for real.

red dead redemption 2 Now available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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