red dead redemption 2 A game known for its incredibly detailed open-sandbox world and complex branching narrative paths, but the title still ultimately brings players to the same place. The epilogue gives players a chance to explore the game world more peacefully, but it still has at least one more twist in store for gamers. One red dead redemption 2 The player was shocked when a deer approached him in the epilogue of a high esteem play. red dead redemption 2 spoiler alert For the rest of the article.

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In red dead redemption 2Of course, the Honor system plays an important part in story and gameplay alike, but its most memorable aspect may be how it affects the game’s ending. No matter what the player decides, Arthur Morgan will be dead by the end of the game. However, he has recurring dreams during a given play and a sudden encounter with an animal in the epilogue that means he has returned.


Screenshots shared by Redditor RealBuffHamster John Marston’s being approached by a strangely friendly deer. Although deer are far from the most dangerous animal in the world red dead redemption 2It is quite strange to see a march for a player without any fear. cosmology of red Dead Redemption The series is intentionally uncertain, as is the unique identity of the supernatural strange man, which leaves open the possibility that this deer Arthur Morgan has returned to investigate his friend.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Epilogue Deer 3 Feature

According to RealBuffHamster, the deer went straight up to John Marston, stood there for a while, and then left in peace. This means that the gamer just hit the high-honor run of . have completed red dead redemption 2, as Arthur Morgan symbolizes a reindeer in that branch of the game. It is unclear whether it is possible for players to encounter a coyote at the end of a low-honor run. If so, the encounter is likely to be much more dangerous than this friendly greeting.

As of writing, it appears that many other fans agree that this deer is the reincarnation of Arthur Morgan. Several users began to theorize about whether Arthur Morgan had returned to tell John Marston, with some posting direct quotes from in-game conversations. One user disagrees with this conclusion, stating that Arthur Morgan has been reincarnated as Bluejay in the highly respected run and sees John Marston building the farm. However, all of these theories should be taken with a grain of salt, as it’s possible that fans are just looking at things too deeply.

red dead redemption 2 Available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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