Reid Hoffman is returning to Disrupt

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You’ve probably learned from Reid Hoffman before through his inventions, investments, or inspirational words. The entrepreneur is a co-founder of LinkedIn, a partner at Greylock, and the author of a new book based on his hit podcast, Masters of Scale.

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His storied past makes him full of interesting anecdotes and lessons, which is why we’re excited to have him back on the Disrupt forum next week from September 21-23. I’ll sit down with him to learn about his outlook on some of the biggest stresses that entrepreneurs are facing today. Hoffman’s advice is often fueled by his raw conversations with top tech CEOs and founders, so we’ll broaden our access to his speed-dial list to understand how even his own beliefs on blitzscaling, growth and entrepreneurship amid the pandemic are changing. As I pointed out in my review of his new book, his words read like a well-networked mentor giving you an upbeat talk—so even if you’re not building a startup, there are useful lessons to be learned from just listening. Will be

Here’s how it affected my interview process, for example:

While the press was not the main character in the book, “Master of Scale” has already changed my perspective on how I interview founders. Tristan Walker’s lessons inspired me to ask more questions about the founders and their most controversial beliefs, rather than how they plan to spend their new round of funding. A note by Andrés Rujo made me realize that a startup that makes a lot of sense may be a comfortable read, but it may not be a moonlight that disrupts the world; In other words, chase startups that have too many silly ambitions – because they may be where the best progress and stories are made. In the end, it reaffirmed my belief that the best litmus test for a founder is whether they are willing to talk about the difficulties they face in an honest, polite way.


OK, that’s all I’m pointing out. Join me in Disrupt, where I’ll put Hoffman in the hot seat, balancing cheerfulness with some whimsy and pushing him to explain what his inevitable next book is all about. Buy your tickets to Disrupt using this link, or use promo code “MASCARENHAS20” for a small discount from me.

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