Report: “Overwhelming evidence” Cuomo engaged in misconduct

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a New York state assembly Investigation A report released on Monday found former Gov. Andrew Cuomo had “engaged in multiple counts of sexual assault,” confirming allegations made in a report by the state’s attorney general earlier this year.

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Running news: New York Assembly Speaker Carl Hasty commissioned the report in March to determine whether there was evidence to support Cuomo’s possible impeachment.

  • Hasty enlisted the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which asked white-shoe law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell to investigate.

report received There is “overwhelming evidence” that Cuomo “engaged in sexual harassment.”

  • The report also found that Cu0mo “used the time of several state employees” to write a book coordinating the COVID-19 pandemic response. The report stated that the book contract guaranteed him $5.2 million in royalty advances, with the possibility of more if the book did well.
  • The report also concluded that Cuomo’s office changed reports of COVID-19 nursing home deaths to “counter criticism” about its handling of the pandemic.

What are they saying: “I [want] To acknowledge all those who participated in all investigations for their cooperation, especially the brave women leading the way,” Assembly Speaker Carl Hesty said in a statement.

  • “The conduct of the former governor – as demonstrated in this report – is extremely disturbing and is indicative of someone who is not a good fit for the office,” New York Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Lavin said in the statement.


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