The Internet forum era has been waning for some time, but some communities are thriving nonetheless. one such example is reset era, an online forum focused on gaming discussions and communities created to act as a “bonfire at the crossroads of the gaming industry”. While ResetEra has diminished as an industry gathering place since its launch in 2017, its relevance within the online gaming discourse has only grown stronger. Needless to say, ResetEra’s community was shaken to hear on Thursday morning that the site had been sold.

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In a press release published by MOBA Network, a Swedish organization that owns a portfolio of esports websites, the acquisition of ResetEra was confirmed for a cash price of $4.55 million. MOBA Networks describes ResetEra as a “strong, global community brand” and the core values ​​of the community and high membership requirements are “essential to the MOBA Network”. ResetEra’s existing operations team, including its in-house moderation structure, will remain in place.


While no immediate changes to ResetEra are referenced in MOBA Network’s press release, the company does state that it sees a “significant opportunity” to increase the website’s advertising revenue. The strategies listed include new ad formats, as well as long-term product development, which can be somewhat annoying to forum members. An admin post on ResetEra states that the MOBA network will not collect or sell user data.

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Cerium post about the sale of Resetera

Responses within ResetEra have been fairly mixed. ResetEra users are confused about the forum’s profitability, said to be $700,000 per year with an impressive EBITDA margin of 80%, not shared among the site’s moderation structure, and how site-owner Cerium can be comfortably built. was the one that was created. an independent community. The most vocal critics of the decision are already calling for a new platform to be created, such as how the creation of ResetEra stemmed from the controversies at NeoGAF.

In a post made by former ResetEra owner Cerium, he said it is his “sincere belief” that the sale to the MOBA network is “the best way to secure the future of the site.” Cerium states vaguely that the MOBA network can provide a “safety net” for ResetEra that it cannot provide itself, all without ResetEra sacrificing any of its identities and focusing on diversity and inclusivity.

As for whether Cerium is telling the truth, or whether the MOBA network delivers on its promise of a practical approach to ResetEra’s community, only time will tell. Historically, acquisitions of this type have often proved to be an uproar for the existing community base, simply because new ownership attempts to develop the site to make it more profitable. it’s unlikely reset eraThe community will follow, regardless of the intentions of the MOBA network.

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