Resident Evil Village The horror dazzled fans around the world earlier this year, but the classic gaming franchise is not yet done with 2021. However, with the release of the Oculus Quest 2 exclusive edition Resident Evil 4 VR After its release in October, concerns about censorship have now been raised regarding the game’s original dialogue and text.

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Now over 15 years old, resident devil 4 It has been ported to several other consoles since its original release. These releases typically saw no real changes to the original game other than texture and model touch-ups and sometimes unique control schemes, such as when resident devil 4 Came on Y. However, this latest information indicates that some classic lines of the game have now been changed or otherwise removed.


Several sources have now reported that resident devil 4The dialogue has been changed as requested by Facebook, the maker of the Oculus Quest headset. As per the claims, Capcom agreed to the requests, and the developer of the VR version, Armature Studios, built them accordingly. While unnecessary violence and gore resident Evil Apparently known to be untouched, many sex-accused or flirtatious remarks have been cut.

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The report claimed that important moments like main character Leon S. Kennedy flirting with Hoonigan on video chat, comments on her age, or Louis’ comments on Ashley Graham’s figure have been removed. Ashley also no longer hits on Leon at the end of the game, cutting their conversation about the mysterious Ada straight off. As per the report, these removals were not due to an issue with the VR format, but purely because of their content.

resident-evil-4-ashley and leon

while newcomer resident devil 4 While the shared cuts are unlikely to notice any interactive abnormalities, they’ll probably be left out to fans of the original version. Little has changed in game development and writing resident devil 4The original release in 2005, with more consideration towards the entirety of its potential audience, as more female gamers are actively playing than before, which is why Facebook felt the need to request changes.

Of course, longtime fans may be quick to point out resident devil 4, like the entries that preceded it, contained a number of shoddy one-liners and otherwise crude or rude comments made by the antagonist and protagonist alike, of both a sexual and non-sexual nature. while recently resident Evil The remake has removed many of these elements, which fans were hoping for. resident devil 4 This information will be discarded for VR and will otherwise be left intact. Only time will tell if this seems inevitable resident evil 4 remake experiences the same fate.

Resident Evil 4 VR Oculus Quest 2 is set to release on October 21st exclusively for VR headsets.

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