Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City post-credits scene, explained

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Welcome to the post-credits scene of Resident Evil: Raccoon City, which may include Albert Wesker. You’ll have to read to find out.

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Zombie Outbreak brought the action to US theaters on Wednesday with a video game adaptation that sticks closely to the source material. Film . mixes the stories of first Two games, and sees familiar faces trying to escape a city ruined by the Umbrella Corporation’s immoral experiments. this is full of easter eggs To delight fans, and its after-credits scenes add another classic character to the mix.


Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy battle for survival in the hellish Raccoon Police Department, while Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker try to uncover the secrets of the spooky Spencer Mansion.

Let’s see who survives and the chances of a sequel. be warned, fail spoiling your way.

spoiler ALERT
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The film’s finale sees Claire, Leon, Jill and Chris, as well as Sherry Birkin, fleeing the city on a train from Umbrella’s underground laboratory, where it was researching biological weapons. Scientist William Birkin, horribly mutated by the G-virus, tears off the train and makes one last attempt to kill them all.

As Birkin prepares to swallow Claire, Leon arrives with a rocket launcher he apparently found in the first class section. I think only the fancy people of Umbrella get access to explosive ordnance.

A rocket destroys the demonic scientist and the group flees to the outskirts as Umbrella wipes Raccoon City (and evidence of his crimes) from the map. It does not know of the five survivors, who will undoubtedly be out to uncover its evil.

it looks like eleventh hour In the second game and its 2019 remake, with a few tweaks. Jill and Chris are not present in the game; Jill runs away from town resident evil 3, while Chris is in Europe investigating the umbrella when the city falls.

mid-credit survivor

It turns out that there is a sixth survivor, as we bite into a morgue and a figure in a body bag that suddenly settles down. Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper), the treacherous captain of the elite Stars police unit who was fatally shot after killing Annette and William Birkin, makes it out.

It is revealed that he was recovered by the mysterious detective Ada Wong (Lily Gao) and revived by a virus, but the process has done something for his eyes. Ada hands him a pair of sunglasses and says that there will be more side effects.

“What do you want from me?” Wesker asks, earning a veiled eyebrow from Ada.

Ada Wong in the Resident Evil 2 remake

Ada Wong’s most recent game appearance came in the 2019 Resident Evil 2 Remake.

what does this mean?

This brief scene leaves us with a lot to unpack. Wesker, who was hired by a mysterious organization to steal Umbrella’s secrets, isn’t nearly as dead as his colleagues think he is. He’s boosted by an unknown virus and appears to be indebted to Ada and her shadowy group, who will likely play in a sequel.

So much secrecy, so many context that would be lost on people who haven’t played the game.

Resident Evil 5.  in Weskar

Wesker goes full megalomaniac through the game series, before taking center stage in Resident Evil 5.

What happens to Wesker in sports?

In the games, Wesker was an umbrella researcher assigned to act as his agent within the Stars, essentially giving the company power over the group. In the original game and its 2002 remake, STARS is drawn to the Spencer Mansion to fight T-virus bioweapons and obtain combat data for the umbrella.

However, Wesker intends to drop Umbrella and bring his research data to a rival pharmaceutical company in exchange for a new position. He reveals his betrayal to the survivors of STARS and sets upon them Umbrella’s final creation, the Giant Tyrant. It obliterates Wesker with its big ol’ claws, apparently killing him and leaving his bloody corpse with the rest of the Umbrella’s facility blown up.

His survival is explained in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. After the Tyrant is taken down by the stars and escapes, Weskar Awaking on the laboratory floor. Knowing how dangerous his confrontation with STARS would be, the villain injected himself with a mutant T-virus strain, which gave him increased stamina, regenerative ability, and terrifying red eyes.

He uses his newfound powers to evade the Spencer mansion before it blows up, and works in the shadows for years. He reveals his existence to face Claire and Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, getting into an epic battle With Chris at the end of that game. (I’ve seen this cutscene several times as a teenager. It zeroes in pretty quickly.)

Wesker’s coolness and ridiculousness are both reduced to 11 in Resident Evil 5, where he takes his last step and tries to unleash a virus that will kill or develop the entire human race based on their genetics . His looks and abilities are extremely metrics in this game, and are utterly delightful to watch.

The game’s final chapter sees him battling Chris and friends in a volcano, as it was to end in the most dramatic location imaginable (this is where Chris famously punches a boulder). Wesker turns into a terrifying tent beast, and his head explodes By two rockets passing through lava. Goodbye, Wesker. We will all miss you.

What’s the deal with Ada?

Superspy Ada Wong has been deadly since Resident Evil 2, but remains quite the mystery. When we first meet her, she’s working for rival pharmaceutical company Wesker and enters doomed Raccoon City to obtain a sample of scientist William Birkin’s G-virus.

She forms a bond with rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and the pair fall in love. he is appears to have killed Near the end of the game, but before its destruction manages to escape from the city.

Since then, Ada has been working for several organizations in various sports, often acting as a double-agent as she works toward some unknown cause. Despite her questionable morals, she secretly undermines villains and helps our heroes.

She plays a major role in Resident Evil 6, but it fails to reveal much about her. That game is a complicated, lengthy mess and is the only entry in the series that you should avoid.

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