Respawn’s mystery game is reportedly an FPS pushing “style” and “mobility,” so now it just needs Titans

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response undeclared single-player game There’s reportedly an FPS emphasizing “style” and “dynamics”.

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This is according to a new report gamesbeat, which describes these two elements as “guiding principles” for the development team. However, reports increasingly add that despite having two of Titanfall’s three key markers – style, mobility, and Titans, this mystery shooter is not a new Titanfall game. The sticking point is always the Titans, isn’t it?

Respawn is known for its first-person shooters, and from the original Titanfall to Apex Legends, they all delivered sleek, stylish action, so while unconfirmed, the details in this report come as no surprise.


Sadly, it’s equally surprising to hear that this is all clearly unrelated to Titanfall. The last time Titanfall was prominently discussed was on record in September 2021 a messy back-and-forth involving the respawn And one of its community coordinators, Jason Garza, didn’t quite instill confidence in the new installment.

On the livestream, Garza firmly told an optimistic fan that the studio has nothing in the works related to Titanfall. “Nothing,” he said. “Nothing there. We have several other games in the works right now.” However, Respawn’s official Twitter moved swiftly to soften the claim, confirming that “Contrary to what some people are reporting, Titanfall is the core of our DNA.”

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“Who knows what the future holds…” added Titanfall Studios, who undoubtedly knows what the immediate future holds.

If this new report is accurate, there’s a more stylish, respawn-grade FPS in the future that isn’t exactly Titanfall, but it doesn’t look too bad.

As it happens, this news came on the heels Mohamed Alawik’s departure, who was previously the creative director of this mystery project.

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