Return to the glory days of superhero crossovers with the ’80s inspired The Wrong Earth – Purple

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It’s Here Time – Big Summer Superhero Event Announcement Season. we have yours Judgment Day at Marvel, Yours Flashpoint Beyond In DC… but for fans of the original superhero comics crossover event, they lack a certain nostalgic quality to… you know, from the ’80s. Well, now someone is filling that void with The Wrong Earth: Purple.

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Meta Multiversal is exiting the creator-owned series wrong earth By Tom Pair and Jamal Eagle, May One-Shot the Wrong Earth: Purple by Stuart Moore and Fred Harper takes the franchise’s Batman-esque protagonist Dragon-fly and drenches him in ’80s nostalgia.


“The Wrong Earth: Purple Is Freddy’s and My Love Letter to the ’80s,” Moore told Newsrama. “That decade wasn’t just big hair, shoulder pads, and George Michael music—it was a dark time of fairy dust, Wall Street greed, and bloodthirsty vigilantism. It also saw the birth of modern comics and modern superhero film, which it calls our own. , made the perfect setting for a rubber-suited dragon-fly. So close your eyes, wash that sax on you, and repeat after me: You belong to the city. You belong to the night…”

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If you’re humming along to those songs, it’s Glen Fry’syou are from the city, Recorded exclusively for Seminals in the 80s Miami Vice TV Series.

The Wrong Earth: Purple #1 will feature an ’80s-themed alt-universe called ‘Earth-Kappa’, which publisher AHOY Comics calls “big hair, shoulder pads, Wall Street traders, rubber super-suits, and funk music.” “

Speaking of rubber super-suits, check out this Wrong Earth: Purple Edition cover by Jerry Ordway, a tribute to his own cover batman 1989 movie adaptation,

False Earths: Purple is part of a larger series of one-shots coming this spring featuring a unique spin on the False Earths series. Inspired by Archie in The Wrong Earth: Trapped on Teen Planet, A Beefy the Wrong Earth: Meet, a sidekick switcheroo in The Wrong Earth: Confidence Men, and head money-centric The Wrong Earth: Fame and Fortune.

“Words will be written, words will be removed, and nothing will be the same,” says Tom Pair, co-creator of The Wrong Earth (and editor-in-chief of AHOY Comics) in announcing the event. “this is Crisis on Eternal Earth, subtracting the line-wide results which made it interesting. this is secret war without toys. It’s the kind of epic, superheroic story that publishers and CFOs love, where the tail of the money-raising version strikes the dog of art.”

the sadness plus Some sarcastic satire, that’s all about the wrong earth,

Wrong Earth: Purple goes on sale May 18.

Both Miracle And DC He has had his fair share of memorable superhero incidents.

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