Return to the world of Old Man Logan with five new Wastelanders stories from Marvel

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Marvel Comics is returning to the wasteland, a post-apocalyptic future old man logan (a larger version of Wolverine who is haunted by all the death and destruction of his past), for a series of five one-shots focusing on the characters from around the Wasteland – as well as a new version of Black Widow To present.

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Running weekly through December, the five one-shots will focus on Wolverine, Hawkeye, Doctor Doom, Peter Quill and the new Black Widow, whose identities remain a mystery. All five one-shots will feature interlocking variant covers themed around the Wastelanders podcast, which features audio drama stories set in the Old Man Logan era.


First, on December 1, Wastelanders: Wolverine #1 author Stephen S. DeKnight (best known for his work on Netflix’s Daredevil show) and artist Ibrahim Mustafa will tell a new story of Old Man Logan, set after the events of the original story. In the new story, Logan finds himself as the guardian of a baby Hulk against a new, adamantium armor-clad villain called Downfall.

“It’s a rare, bloody pleasure to be able to take readers back to Old Man Logan’s universe in one-shots for Wastelanders: Wolverine and Wastelanders: Black Widow,” DeKnight said in the announcement. “Old friends, new enemies, and many more surprises await. You won’t want to miss this one!”

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Then on December 8, writer Ethan Sachs, who is no stranger to setting Old Man Logan and the Westlanders, teams up with artist Ibraim Roberson for Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1, which alongside Matt Murdock as Archer, now blind, himself. adds up. The blind hero is known as Daredevil.

Then, in December 15’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord #1, writer Rich Douk and artist Brent Peoples explore the Earth ruin of their timeline by bringing Peter Quill back from space, searching for a mystery surrounding his lost lover. .

“I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel’s Wasteland setting since the original Old Man Logan series, and it’s an honor to contribute with Wasteland: Star-Lord,” Douk says. “Ben Percy’s new podcast series and Ethan Sachs and Robert Gill’s Old Man Quill both really inspired me to tick off Peter Quill and send him on a thrilling adventure in this grim and gritty version of the Marvel Universe. I readers Can’t wait to come along for the ride and see what we cooked up!”

December 22 again brings the Wasteland: Doom #1, from writer Torun Grönbeck and artist Julius Ohta, in which Doctor Doom, the man who helped Marvel’s villains create the Wasteland, which he now partially rules, into that world. begins to question her role which she helped create.

Finally, December 29’s Wastelanders: Black Widow #1 introduced a new Westlanders version of Super-Spy. The classic Black Widow was killed off at the beginning of the Old Man Logan setting, but now a new version of Black Widow (or at least one that hasn’t been featured in the Wasteland before) will debut in a future setting. In the accompanying art form, she may also be a version of Natasha Romanoff’s successor as Black Widow, Yelena Belova.

Here is a gallery of all the covers:

Check out Marvel’s full December 2021 requests on Newsrama coming later this month.

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