Returnal could be in for a big update several months after it launched

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Considering a major patch we saw recently for the developer beta version of the game, the return could be due to a major update.

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self-describing twitter account playstation game size shared the news about the internal update, which it says increases the size of the game by about 6 GB. That’s the only detail we have about the update so far, but the fact is that the beta has grown so much since the update that it could mean something more than performance improvements and bug fixes.

Developer Housemark has seen some major changes since releasing Return in April, mainly Bought outright by its longtime collaborator Sony. We don’t know what will be the studio’s first project as PlayStation Studios, but returning to Return would be a sensible start.


One of the most requested feature updates from the returnable player community is the manual save system, which will allow players to pause a run partway and return to it later. Housemark accepted the requests shortly after Returnal came out, but has made no official announcement about whether it will be able to fulfill them.

Otherwise, a major Returns update could potentially add new biomes to explore within the Atropos, or expand existing biomes with more enemies and level diversity. A representative for Sony and Housemark said the company had nothing to share about the beta update report when reached for comment, so we’ll just have to wait and see if and when it hits the public side. Is.

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