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Versatile, beginner-friendly VoIP services from net2phone

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a relatively modern technology that enables users to easily make voice calls via an Internet connection. with him Best VoIP Service For your business, you will be able to build an efficient company phone system without the expense of setting up a traditional cable setup.

However, choosing the right VoIP solution can be extremely difficult. In this net2phone review, we take a closer look at a fairly popular provider. We analyze its prices, key features, support, user interface and more to save you the hassle.

net2phone: plans and pricing

There are five Net2Phone plans available, ranging in price from free forever to $32.99 per user per month. The free plan is fairly limited, including basic video conferencing features similar to Zoom or Skype, but it’s good enough for users to get a feel for the user interface.

The cheapest net2phone virtual plan starts at $16.99 per user per month with more than 100 users, but expect to pay a bit more if you need fewer licenses. It comes with all VoIP basics, including free voice calls throughout the USA and Canada, web calling, messaging, advanced reporting and analytics, a mobile app, and more.

Upgrading to the Essentials Plus plan (from $19.99 per user per month) adds international calls, virtual faxes, and Polycom VVX150 VoIP hardware to more than 40 countries.

The Professional Plus plan (from $27.99 per user per month) comes with the more advanced Polycom VVX 250 hardware, along with features such as voicemail transcription, intercom capabilities, call queues, and many more.

Lastly, the most powerful Ultimate Plus plan starts at $32.99 per user per month. It comes with high-end Polycom VVX 350 hardware, as well as support for call recording, a receptionist console, a Salesforce integration, and custom API integration.

Five different plans available

net2phone: Features

Net2phone provides excellent VoIP services backed by a suite of advanced features. We have listed some of the most notable below.

One thing that really stood out was Net2phone’s innovative Google Chrome extension, which comes with a free plan all the time. With it, users can essentially use their VoIP system to dial calls directly from their web browser.

On top of this, the extension adds click-to-call functionality for phone numbers listed on websites, can be integrated with your desk phone hardware, and enables you to listen to voicemail messages fast and efficiently.

Another standout feature was the excellent analytics portal of net2phone. It enables you to track critical call data so that you can identify trends, monitor employee performance and get the most out of your VoIP system.

The statistics can be filtered by user, time, and more to help you get a more complete picture of what’s happening in your company. What’s more, you can also analyze and identify various call trends to help you target marketing opportunities and optimize company performance.

There are many add-ons that you can use to add functionality to your VoIP system. For example, physical and virtual fax services are available on some plans, along with intercom door phone software, overhead paging systems, and more.

Chrome extension is excellent

net2phone: interface and usage

Getting started with Net2phone is as simple as choosing the plan you want to use, creating an account, and paying for your subscription. Download the mobile apps if you plan to use them, or log into the web management portal for full access to all the tools.

Here, you’ll see a small menu on the left side of the screen, where you’ll find links to your message inbox, main dashboard, analytics portal, call list, and more. Inbox is fairly simple but includes basic email/text messaging functionality.

Dashboard comes with a suite of tools. End users can view team members lists, member phone numbers, devices, etc. Admins can edit lists, add new team members, and more. Navigating to the Analytics tab will give you access to a range of statistics about your company, call numbers, and performance.

View past calls, manage voicemails and recordings, and make new calls from the Calls tab. Find and manage company information through the Company tab, and fine-tune schedules, chat options, hold music, and more through the Settings tab.

The web dashboard is simple, yet intuitive

net2phone: support

If you need help with your net2phone system, there are various support options available. If you would like to speak to a customer service representative directly, you can call the phone number provided, get in touch via social media, or chat with an agent via Live Chat. Note, however, that live chat appears to be available at random times, which is not ideal.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the self-help resources available in the Knowledge Base. Although there is not a huge amount of resources here, the quality of the resource is very good. You can either directly search for content related to your problem via the search bar, or browse the categories below. You will find various articles, video tutorials, user guides and more.

Knowledge Base contains various self-help resources

net2phone: security

Unfortunately, net2phone provides very little information about its security features. It merely states that it uses a variety of security measures to protect personal information and data. And really, it’s not good enough.

When selecting a VoIP service provider, we recommend looking for a company that takes pride in security, clearly stating what actions are being taken to protect you and your data. At a minimum, try to find a provider with end-to-end encryption, at-rest encryption for recorded calls and messages, redundant data centers, and other industry-standard security practices.

Little is known about the security of Net2phone


While net2phone is certainly not a bad VoIP service provider, its lack of transparency around its security measures and its relatively high prices may bother some people. Fortunately, there are many other options worth considering.

For example, RingCentral Office offers excellent VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes. Like Net2phone, it’s a bit expensive, with prices starting at $19.99 per user, per month. However, it offers a suite of advanced features, integration with popular CRM and other software programs, good security, and a range of powerful add-ons.

With prices starting at just $12 per user per month, 8×8 Ink is another great option, especially for those looking for a budget solution. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, is very easy to set up, and comes with a large selection of customer engagement tools. On top of this, it also emphasizes VoIP security, with third party certification from a wide range of regulatory bodies.

final call

With the exception of a few flaws, net2phone offers excellent VoIP services across the board. Its prices are nothing special, but they are close to the industry average. The features on offer are great, the user interface is beginner-friendly and intuitive, and the customer service is ample.

While you can attest to the fact that the company isn’t at all transparent about its security measures, there’s little to not like here. Try it to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

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