Power Plate Mini+ review

A compact yet powerful massage gun for the gym, your desk or anywhere else

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The Power Plate Mini+ is a great tool for easing tight muscles and working them out at the gym, your desk, or anywhere else. It’s a smart little massage gun that you can take anywhere, and although it packs a punch when you need it, it’s also ideal for complete beginners.

It’s one of the smallest massage guns around, but it’s thoughtfully designed, with a variety of power options ranging from gentle to really intense. It may not give you the same therapeutic pumping as a full-size massage gun, but it still has enough kick at its highest setting.

It is supplied with two attachments (one for large muscles and the other for knots), which simply push on the handle. Despite the simple design, they do not shake in use, and are never prone to loosening.

Power Plate Mini+ comes with two massage attachments

If you’re not sure what’s the best way to use a massage gun, or just want some more ideas, the free Power Plate app is packed with short videos explaining how to make the most of it. , and target specific muscle groups safely and effectively.

Overall, it’s a great package for easing pain and loosening up tight muscles at home or on the go, even if you’re going to be off-grid for a while because of its built-in battery life. Charging provides approximately three to five hours of use, depending on the intensity setting.

price and availability

The Power Plate Mini+ was released in March 2021, and costs $179.99 / £179.95 (about AU$250) directly from Power Plate, or from a handful of third-party stores.

This makes the Power Plate Mini+ one of the most affordable massage guns of its type, costing about half the price of a full-size model. While you can find cheap devices on Amazon, Power Plate has been in the home business for over 20 years, and it shows in the quality and customer support; This little machine is particularly well made, and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.


As its name suggests, the Power Plate Mini+ is a compact massage gun that measures 15cm x 9cm for a stand-alone device without any attachments. The box includes the gun itself, two massage attachments, a USB-C charging cable, and a sturdy drawstring carry bag.

It’s quite weighty for its size due to its high-capacity battery and powerful motor (the gun weighs about 440 grams), but is comfortable to hold, and a loop at the bottom means you can attach it to a carabiner and carry it in a backpack. Can clip in if its not convenient to carry a drawstring bag.

The massage gun is charged with a USB-C cable

The power button is located under the handle, and is also used to control the movement of the gun. There are four intensity settings, which you can cycle through by holding down the power button while the gun is on. The power button is surrounded by eight LEDs: four red ones on the right that indicate the battery charge level, and four white ones on the left that show intensity.

The massage gun’s round attachment (about the size of a golf ball) is good for hitting larger muscles, while the smaller one works well for targeting knots.

For comparison, its closest rival, the Theragun Mini, comes with only one head, and only three speed settings, compared to four for the Power Plate Mini+.


Despite its compact size, the Power Plate Mini+ is a versatile little machine. It certainly packs a punch when you need it, but we also appreciated the more gentle massage of its lower intensity settings. While testing the Hydragon recently, we found that even its lowest intensity is too aggressive for sensitive areas, but that’s not a problem with the Power Plate Mini+.

Round attachments are done to target larger muscle groups.

The attachments simply push into the gun, and unlike the Core Balance Massage Gun we tested recently, they fit securely into place; They never came loose or felt likely to fall apart during our tests.

Although there are only two attachments to choose from, they are well designed and should serve most users well. If you’ve ever spent time rolling your foot on a tennis ball to relieve plantar fasciitis, the round massage head is ideal. It’s also especially good for reaching and hitting the sore muscles in your shoulders and back, and you can target knots (caused by a buildup of lactic acid) with a small attachment.

The Power Plate Mini+ is also a useful tool for practicing sports massage on another person; If you find a knot in your hand, you can use a massage gun to focus on it if you find it difficult to apply the appropriate pressure yourself.

The massage gun is compact and comfortable to hold

The machine’s small size makes it easy to take to the gym, but it’s also easy to keep near your desk, whether you’re working out in an office or from home. The USB cable means you can charge it from your computer, and have it on hand when your muscles feel tight after sitting for a long time at your keyboard.

Whatever attachment and intensity setting you choose, the Power Plate Mini+ is surprisingly quiet

The Power Plate mobile app is packed with videos to help you use the Mini+ safely and effectively

There’s no Bluetooth connectivity, but a lot can be gained by installing the free Power Plate app (available for iOS and Android). Here you will not only find videos explaining how to use massage guns safely and effectively on different muscle groups.

After you install the app, you’ll need to create an account, then enter a few details about your fitness goals (toning, muscle building, weight loss, etc.) and the type of workout classes you prefer, then register the device. Once this is done, you will be presented with a list of videos; Scroll down a bit to ‘Targeted Vibration Products’, tap on ‘Mini+’ and you’ll see a list of one minute videos covering biceps, calves, legs, forearms, hips, glutes and more.

The Power Plate Mini+ is easy to carry, either in its own travel bag or affixed to a backpack

We found the end of the device to get quite hot while charging, but that’s the only criticism we could criticize. If you’re looking to invest in a massage gun, this is a great beginner-friendly option.

First reviewed July 2021

buy it if

You’ve never used a massage gun before

The Power Plate Mini+ has an entry-level price tag, and the great instructional videos in the mobile app make it easy to use effectively, even for beginners.

you want versatility

While some massage guns only have two settings (faster and more intense), the Power Plate Mini+ offers a worthwhile range. You can opt for the real kick if you want, but the lower settings are a lot more gentle.

You have shoulder or back pain at work

The compact design of the massage gun makes it easy to reach on your own shoulders and back, and it’s easy to stow in a desk drawer. It’s also quiet, so you won’t have to worry about drawing attention to yourself.

don’t buy it if

you want deep tissue massage
The Mini+ may not deliver the same output as a full-sized massage gun like the Power Plate Pulse.

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